The Case for Using a VPN While Playing Online Casino Games

Do you know how to properly use a VPN?

The advent of online casinos over the past couple of decades has revolutionized the casino industry and brought an influx of new players from all over the world. The enhanced convenience and relaxed atmosphere no doubt contribute to this continued surge.

Playing online poker, blackjack, craps, and slots are an excellent example: it’s one of the great joys of the virtual gambling experience. You have the benefit of all the excitement, the competition, the buildup, the betting—but without even having to leave the house.

With all of the advantages to playing online, it’s no wonder that more gamblers are taking advantages of this option. However, it can come at a cost: and not just a financial one.

Using the internet in any context opens you up to risk, but online gambling is on an entirely different level: because you’re using cash and usually your personal computer system, you’re inviting the opportunity for theft, fraud, and scams galore.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways you can make sure you’re engaging in responsible gambling, and one of the easiest ways to immediately boost your security is to always use a reputable VPN while you play.

So What is a VPN Anyway?

We’ve all heard of VPNs by this point, but do you really know how they work? Before you’re ready to consider using one for your online gambling sessions, it’s important to know how they work.

VPN is an acronym for “Virtual Private Network.” In short terms, a VPN exists so that users are able to route all of their internet traffic to an anonymous point. The anonymity makes it more secure for the user, regardless of what site they’re accessing.

Once you’ve downloaded your VPN, it serves as the first point of connection to the internet. From this point, users can connect to multiple web servers, including Instagram, Facebook, Skype, and their favorite sites.

Naturally, for online gamblers, the necessary combination of anonymity and heightened security makes it a no-brainer. As your internal IP address is no longer visible, you can peruse your favorite sites worry-free.

The point of a VPN is to allow the web servers you’re accessing to only see your most recent point of traffic, making it appear as though you’re browsing from an entirely different geographical location than you are. They can see that you’re accessing the site—but only the location or address of the VPN.

This technology is highly encrypted, also giving you the advantage of immediately keeping your communications safe and secure, even if you’re concerned that your specific browser could be outdated. Regardless of the apps you use to access the internet, you’re secure at the connection point.

Why Should You Try Using a VPN For Online Gameplay?

Okay, okay, we get it—anonymity is nice to have. But what’s the biggest factor for online gamblers, specifically?

Believe it or not, the main reason to consider using a VPN for online gameplay is actually the encryption: not just the anonymity.

The single most important thing you can do for your security is to keep your connection secure. If you’re playing over general wifi, or even a typical unencrypted home network, it’s possible that your sensitive information is easily hackable.

Your online gambling account alone contains a multitude of data: your logins, your accounts, your habits, your records, personal information, even your bank accounts.

Playing with a VPN is a significantly safer way to make the most out of your online gambling session. When you’re playing with a VPN, any would-be hacker can’t even see the country from which you’re accessing the site: just the data associated with your VPN.

This encryption even adds an extra level of protection if an e-wallet is your preferred banking method. E-wallets are already encrypted and quite secure so you might think you don’t need to access them through a VPN—but it certainly can’t hurt to have your login point and address hidden from anyone who might be interested in pilfering from your account.

Improve Your Peace of Mind Today

Look, it’s no question that hackers just want your cash. If you choose to ignore gaps in your personal security, you’re just making it that much easier for them. It’s an unfortunate fact of life: cybercriminals exist and are always ready to exploit your account.

It’s incredibly easy to find a VPN that will work for your needs. It doesnt even need to be expensive! Free VPN options are quick, easy, and often quite reliable.

As with everything else, it comes down to research.

When it comes to data protection, gambling forums are a wonderful place to start. The community forums already built into your favorite gaming sites are anything but silent: gamblers are extremely vocal when they find processes that work and don’t work.

When choosing a VPN, even one that’s already been vetted and reviewed by fellow community members, it’s always a good idea to make sure that it’s a legal, reputable site. Another excellent resource is the Better Business Bureau Search Tool, available on their website.

A reputable VPN will allow you to choose from which country you’re appearing to access. You should be able to figure out how to use it with little effort: the best VPNs are quite user-friendly. It should also always be possible to disconnect from the VPN without a hassle: there should never be a point where you’re concerned that you no longer have control over your machine and your data.

Regardless, you’re taking the right first step: you’re reading this article! You’re thinking about your security and mulling over how best to protect your data. Keep on this track and you’ll be playing safe and easy in no time.

Samuel Read profile image Samuel Read LCB Reviewer - last updated 2023-03-21
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