What Your Casino Host Won’t Tell You

Playing casino games online (especially with live dealers) clearly has a lot going for it.

Whether it’s convenience of gambling from the comfort of one’s own private space, the incredible variety of available titles, or the impressive quality of modern design standards, the booming of this industry sector indicates just how many big advantages virtual play enjoys.

With that said, there are certain advantages to traditional, land-based casinos.

Of these, perhaps the greatest one comes in the form of casino hosts. These are the employees who make sure that high rollers get special treatment: whether it’s in the form of complementary

Let’s be clear: online casinos also offer players fantastic bonuses!

(In fact, our own bonus program continues to grow by leaps and bounds!).

In gaming terms, some of these are even better (and more original) than anything you’ll find on the Vegas Strip.

However, there’s simply no way that online game providers can match the experiential quality of land-based casinos… there’s no hotel to stay in, no restaurant to sit at, or anything like that!

Still, even while enjoying the perks of being a high roller is something every big time player should enjoy, there are some things the casino host simply won’t tell you…

… and if they won’t, we will!

Here is some of what a hear will never tell you:

Which Games Open the Way to Top Comps

Mutual disinterest lies at the core of the host/player relationship. Your task is to walk out of the casino with as much money as possible – their professional demands that they do everything in their power to get you to lose money.

What’s more, if they had their druthers, they’d prefer that you lose your bankroll as quickly as possible, with as little ancillary expense as possible.

So of course they aren’t going to tell you which games to play in order to get access to the best comps!

Casinos have proprietary algorithms that determine which comps to award to which players. Generally speaking, though, the more money a player is expected to lose, the better for the house… which means that the higher a game’s house edge, the better the comps you’ll receive for playing it.

Anything About House Edge

As the above might suggest, the host will definitely not steer players towards games that favor their bottom line – games like blackjack, baccarat, and European roulette. They may even actively steer them away from these options!

This is an area where it pays to do your own research. Know which tables you want to hit before you arrive at the gaming floor!

What You Can Ask For

It can be culturally difficult for many people to ask questions of their host.

After all, when someone is providing you with all kinds of cool stuff at zero cost, how can a person politely ask for more?

But remember that a host’s job is to keep you happy… and keep you playing. And they have a fair amount of freedom in how they do that job!

Want to see that big Blue Man Group or Cirque du Soleil show? Maybe arrange a big spa day for your partner? Your host can very likely help set that up… often at no cost to you!

What’s more, sometimes the most valuable commodity for a visiting player is simple information. Sharing this won’t cost them a dime, but it might completely change the complexion of your stay.

By the way, there’s a very good reason why you shouldn’t feel bad asking for more. And that reason is…

Free Stuff Isn’t (Really) Free

Let’s indulge in a little fantasy for a second. Suppose you owned a major casino!

All those table games and slots? The restaurants, the hotel, the entertainment? All of it is yours. Every week, you get a report from you floor managers and accountants on how much money you made (or lost)… and you then have to turn around and report those losses or gains to your colleagues, investors, and board of directors. All of that profit and/or loss in entirely your responsibility!

Why would you go around giving out free stuff to players?

There’s only one reason!

If you give out $3,000 in hotel room costs, meals and travel expenses, it’s only because you expect to make that money back with interest!

All that stuff casino hosts “comp” you is paid for out of your expected losses.

Don’t let the smiles and courtesies fool you! Hosts aren’t there to be your friend – they’re there to help their bosses make more money off of your play.

When It’s Time to Take a Break

Once more for the folks in the back: casinos (and all of their employees, including hosts) want to maximize your losses. That’s their primary goal, and it’s how they make their living.

Hence the free alcohol and the encouragement to play for longer sessions.

If you play with friends or loved ones, they may occasionally suggest a break for a nap, a walk, or just a change of pace. Your host will never do this for you!

When You Can Get a Better Deal Elsewhere

If you’re getting personal treatment from a casino host, they (and their employer) are investing precious time and money in your business. The last thing they want is for you to take your business elsewhere!

This is a fact savvy players can use to their advantage.

If you’re a big player, you should “shop around.” Casinos allot personnel and budgets to court your business! They will absolutely spend extra either to try and lure you away from a previous host, or to retain your patronage.

Samuel Read profile image Samuel Read LCB Reviewer - last updated 2023-12-27
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