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Online gambling fans are bound to run into payment options like ACH and Discover when browsing casinos. These methods are some of the go-to choices for many players, despite the region-exclusive nature of the former. Both of these options have much to offer. They’re safe, reliable, and have reasonable fee prices compared to their competition. What’s more, these aren’t the only traits they share. Despite being seemingly different, the services operate similarly in the background. They utilize the traditional banking system in various ways to ensure transactions get where they need to be. While these perks are excellent, they’re not exactly novel. There are countless banking options to choose from today, which leads us to an important question. Why choose ACH or Discover as your online casino payment method?

About ACH and MasterCard


Next, we’ll look at two popular online casino payment options – ACH and Discover. Both of these services are on the more traditional side of transacting. They utilize the old-school banking system to get things done, but they do it in a non-traditional way! As expected, this gives them a few perks that ensure a better user experience. These include a higher level of security, better transaction limits, and better stability. Naturally, they’re also unique in some regards, which we’ll explore below.

Top Casinos Accepting ACH

ACH is an abbreviation for Automated Clearing House. It’s a US service that’s become a popular pick among online casino and online gambling fans. Unlike most other payment options, this is in direct collaboration with banks. Naturally, this guarantees a much higher level of safety and reliability when making all sorts of payments. Something to note about this service is its exclusivity. It’s currently only open to users from the US, with no plans of expanding in its future. Another thing to remember is the base requirement for using the service – an active bank account.

The question of how ACH works has a simple answer. The service acts as an intermediary between the sender and receiver. It facilitates transactions using your bank account, tracking your money from when it leaves your account to when it reaches the intended destination. Interestingly enough, the method also includes a few third-party services. While this might raise some concerns, it’s worth noting that these are trusted partners that work on making the transaction safer.

One of the advantages of using ACH is the convenience the service offers. To use the method, you needn’t bother with registering an account, visiting a bank, or even using an online banking profile of any kind! All users have to do is make a payment request and let the service take care of everything else. Naturally, this is a massive plus for all modern gamers. Since most players squeeze in a round of Poker or a few spins on the slots between work, studies, or a busy social life, this saves them tons of time and ensures a much better user experience.

We already mentioned these when listing the shared traits between ACH and Discover, but it’s worth getting into more detail about the security and high transaction limits of the former. ACH is possibly best-known for its tight security. Not only are users privy to the top-tier safety measures imposed by their bank, but they also have several third-party security services watching over all transactions with the method. The other perk is why this service is so popular among high rollers. Since it can process large transactions, these players are free to make large deposits and subsequently place huge bets!

Discover is also a US-based service. It was launched in 1986 by Discover Financial Services, much later than some of its main competitors on the market. As you might have guessed, these include MasterCard, VISA, and American Express. These bank card brands were already pretty big during Discover’s debut, which made it hard for the credit card to reach users and grow a following. Thankfully, it did manage to break through and garner an impressive user base. At the moment, it constitutes over 5 million people in various parts of the world.

If you’re wondering how this method managed to step out of the shadows of its competitors and grow into the powerhouse it is today, the answer isn’t as complicated as you might think. While debuting later than competitors was a disadvantage in some regards, it was a pro in others. It gave the service time to include creative perks other bank cards didn’t offer. These include a lack of an annual fee, no need for a customer account, and 5% cashback on every purchase made with the service!

Top Casinos Accepting Discover

While these perks are pretty good in general, they do incredibly well in online gambling world. Their synergy with how the space operates is top-tier, giving users a chance to combine them with some of the other parts of online casinos. The cashback perk is the perfect example of this. While it’s already a decent cashback sum on its own, users can combine it with various casino bonuses to get heftier returns. These can later be used to extend playtime and potentially lead to better rewards. What’s better, Discover is accepted in more than 100 casinos, so you can explore different offers and pair these perks with a gambling platform that works in your favor.

Another thing we want to note about the service is its unparalleled security. To ensure transactions arrive at their intended destination safely, Discover assigns merchant codes to its collaborators. These can be used to track transactions every step of the way, ensuring a higher degree of user protection. While this is a great perk now, it was once a thorn in the side of many casino fans. Since these codes made it easy to identify online gambling transactions, banks in the US used them to block these payments. This was a result of the strict gambling laws in the US at the time, which have changed drastically since.

The last thing Discover users should look out for is the credit card gambling ban imposed in some European countries. At the moment, these places include the UK and Germany. If you’re not from these regions, this shouldn’t affect you. Sadly, it does mean that venues based in these regions might be off-limits.

Getting Started with the Two Methods

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We’ve mentioned this a few times already, but convenience is truly a key part of using ACH. You won’t have to do much to get started with the service. Essentially, there’s no sign-up process here. To make a transaction, all players need to do is choose the service from the listed options and enter some basic information about themselves and the recipient. After this, the transaction will be processed and on its way!

If you want more information about the specifics, there’s not much to worry about. The data requested includes your bank account details, the sum you want to transfer, and the recipient of the transfer. While all of this is incredibly easy, it’s good to remember that the service does come with a few requirements. First, you must be a US resident, and second, you must have an active bank account within the region.

Using Discover is a bit different. If you’re familiar with the getting-started process of traditional credit cards, you’re practically already briefed on how it all works. Still, one big difference makes the getting-started process with this service much more convenient – it’s online! You won’t have to visit a bank to get your Discover credit card. The service doesn’t work directly with banks, instead, it has an established platform it owns. Thanks to this, it can process everything in its own right and make things easier for users.

The process consists of two simple parts, but before we check them out, you should explore the various cards Discover offers. These have different traits, so make sure to choose one suited to your needs. Once you do, you can proceed to apply for your credit card. First, you’ll be introduced to some forms requiring personal information. These will determine whether you’re eligible for the service, so the question included can be personal. When you finish with the forms, you can move on to verifying your identity. Submit a valid photo ID in this portion, and you’re done!

Using ACH and Discover Across Online Casinos

ACH and Discover are incredibly popular across online casinos. While the former is limited to the US, it’s privy to access to nearly every online gambling venue in the region! The latter doesn’t have borders to worry about. It’s available in almost 200 online casinos worldwide, giving users plenty of options.

If you’ve decided to give ACH a fair shot, here’s how you can use the service to deposit in online casinos:

  1. Locate the casino’s Banking/Payments/Cashier page and look for ACH’s logo. 
  2. Click or tap on it, and in the pop-up, enter your bank account details.
  3. Just specify how much you’d like to deposit.
  4. ACH will ask for your confirmation to deduct the money from your US bank account. 
  5. Confirm the transaction by giving your permission, and wait for the money to arrive on your casino balance. 

ACH might be one of the safest methods on the market, but this does come with a few drawbacks. Since transactions with the service pass through multiple channels to guarantee safety, the processing times for deposits are slower than most. Generally, users will need to wait a few business days to see a change in their casino balance. Withdrawals with the service are no different. They might be a viable option in most casinos, but they’re just as slow. This might not be too big of an issue for most, but it is something to remember before proceeding.

Discover is an excellent choice for online gaming, so if you’ve landed on this option, here’s how to proceed:

  1. Choose the “Deposit with Credit/Debit Card” option.
  2. From the list of offered credit/debit cards, select Discover as your deposit option.
  3. Enter the card information requested on the screen.
  4. Enter the 3-digit verification code provided by Discover.
  5. Specify how much you wish to deposit and confirm the transaction.
  6. In an instant, the funds will arrive on your balance!

We’ll start by saying that Discover withdrawals are available in most venues that support the service. They’re pretty easy to request, as they follow the same steps used for depositing! Unfortunately, we do have some bad news about them too. Since the method is still a traditional credit card, it does have longer processing times than modern payment services. Withdrawals usually take five to seven days, which can be a pain. If you’re looking forward to quick cashouts, you’ll need to add an alternative quick withdrawal method to your accounts, such as an eWallet.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Choosing between ACH and Discover can be pretty tough, even with all of the information we’ve listed above. Because of this, we’ll summarize the best pros and biggest downsides of these methods again to make the choice somewhat easier.

ACH has players covered on nearly all fronts. The service has top-tier security that’s practically unmatched by any other method. On top of this, it offers high transaction limits that allow high rollers to make huge deposits when needed! The convenience of the service is also a big plus, as it saves users tons of time and effort. The cons to using the service can also be pretty significant. First, it’s only available to US players with an active bank account in the region. Second, it has slow processing times, taking several days to process deposits and withdrawals.

Unsurprisingly, the pros and cons of Discover are similar to those of ACH. The service is convenient, safe, and lacks annual fees. A unique perk of using this method is the 5% cashback! It’s an excellent bonus that works well with the online casino environment. Unfortunately, Discover lacks speed. Withdrawals can take up to seven days, which is much longer than what you get with most modern banking options.

Overall, both methods offer excellent sets of perks that make online gambling a fun time. While they have some flaws you should consider, they’re generally great choices that are bound to lead to a positive experience.

Payment Methods Comparison
Payment methods name ACH Discover
Available accounts 1 account
Account management fees free
Cashback and promotions
Additional bonus programs Yes
Two factor authentication n/a
Money-back guarantee in case of fraud Yes
Link to terms & conditions

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