CASHlib vs. Paysafecard

Those online casino players that wish to avoid using credit cards or bank accounts to fund their online gambling time should seriously consider using CASHlib or PaySafeCard. These two are offering a similar alternative banking service that could provide you with instant deposits, regardless of where you’re from. On that note, that’s the biggest advantage with the two, they are both accepted in many countries across the world. So, if interested to know more about them and how to get started with them, stay with us, as we’ll guide you through the processes. To choose CASHlib or PaySafeCard as your online casino payment method?

About CASHlib and PaySafeCard


As mentioned, CASHlib and PaySafeCard offer a similar alternative banking service. The former is an eVoucher, while the latter a prepaid card, so they are both awesome alternatives to credit cards and banks. As such, they are great options for you to use if you’re from the UK, for instance, where a credit card gambling ban is implemented, or Germany, for the same reason. But also, if you’re simply not interested in using a credit card for online payments, especially across online casinos. Learn what else these two methods can offer to you.

CASHlib is one of the most popular vouchers offered across online casinos. When it first went live, it arrived at a time when there were not that many alternative solutions available across casino sites, so it filled a void that much needed filling out. It is especially important nowadays across countries like the ones mentioned where players cannot gamble using credit cards.

On that note, not only is it available in the UK and Germany, but you will be able to use CASHlib’s services if you’re a player from France, Guadeloupe, Poland, French Guiana, Luxembourg, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, and Belgium.

These are the 11 European counties and territories that accept it and offer reselling outlet points where you can purchase the voucher offline. But, if you want to, you can also visit an authorized platform that is reselling the vouchers online, too! That’s right, the solution is available both online and offline, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. As you will soon see, the actual purchase is pretty simple, but more on that later.

When it comes to PaySafeCard, this is a global prepaid card available in more than 40 countries worldwide. Its availability is far greater than CASHlib’s, but that's only natural since the solution has been operating since 2000, over two decades now. When it first started, it was only available in a few countries, but as its reputation grew stronger and its popularity increased, so did the number of accepting countries. Believe it or not, there are over 650,000 outlets where you can purchase it, all across the globe.

The fact that it is led by one of the most powerful European financial companies greatly helped it. PaySafe Group, which is also behind Neteller and Skrill, made sure PaySafeCard reached global heights and ensured it became one of the leading prepaid cards for people from any part of the world. It had it inspected and licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority, giving users the guarantee, that their money will be handled the best way possible. It made sure the solution is available across both desktop and mobile devices, with the opportunity to download both an iOS and an Android app, and it made sure that it implemented the right security measures to further ensure safety.

You will get several prepaid card types to choose from when using PaySafeCard. The regular card, the first one that was launched by PaySafe Group, comes in several denominations and can be purchased both online and offline. Then, there’s the online-only MyPaySafeCard, for which you’ll need to create an account with the solution to use it. And then, there’s the reloadable card designed in collaboration with MasterCard, which is issued anywhere MasterCard cards are.

Now, before we get into the getting started process, you should know that you’ll find PaySafeCard across most, if not all, online casinos out there. Over 900 sites accept it as a payment option, therefore, your search for the most suited casino for you won't be long or exhausting at all. So, before you join one, make sure you find out how it works, how to purchase PaySafeCard and how to start using it.

Getting Started with the Two Methods

Considering they are both alternative cards, one a voucher, the other one a prepaid card, CASHlib and PaySafeCard can be purchased pretty much the same way. But let’s look at them separately.

To purchase a CASHlib voucher…

… you would need to decide whether you’ll do it online or offline. If online, you’d need to visit BeCharge, which is a platform that is authorized to resell the voucher. You should know that this platform is only available to players from France, Spain, the UK, Belgium and Luxembourg, not all of the eligible countries mentioned earlier. So, if a player from any of these countries, just visit the platform, decide on the denomination and choose the method you’d want to use to complete the purchase.

If you want to purchase it offline, you can do it from any of the 11 eligible countries. Just visit CASHlib’s official website, find the outlet locator tool and enter your address to have the solution generate the nearest outlets where you can purchase your voucher quickly. The offline purchase can be completed with you giving the desk clerk cash for the voucher type you wish to buy, and that’s it.

Regardless of the option you choose to go with, you should know that the voucher comes in denominations from €10 to €250. But, the great news is, at one time, you can use up to five vouchers, meaning you can deposit up to €1,250 when you join an online casino! After the purchase is completed, the platform or the clerk will provide you with a 16-digit code you’d be using to authorize any payments you want to make with your voucher, so keep it safe.

To start using PaySafeCard…

… you also have the online and offline purchasing options. If you go with the offline, as mentioned, there are 650,000 outlets available out there, known as PayPoints. These are general stores and gas stations available in every country where the prepaid card is, and you’ll probably have at least a few just around the corner of your home. You can use the Find Sales Outlet locator tool available on its official website to find out which of these PayPoints are the nearest to your home and visit it.

But, if you want to purchase the prepaid card online, you would need to create an account with PaySafeCard, providing your email address, country of residence, name and ID documents to verify your identity. Via the account, you’ll get access to larger denominations compared to those offered offline, plus, you’ll get an insight into your spending history. The available denominations are usually from $10 to $100, but this depends on your country of residence and whether you’re purchasing the voucher online or offline.

Now, about the MasterCard PaySafeCard, you can apply for it via your PaySafeCard account, or you can visit any MasterCard issuing bank or financial institution and fill out an application from there. To fund the MyPaySafeCard card, you can use any credit card, a bank transfer or your regular PaySafeCard prepaid card. Whichever you choose to use, you will also get a 16-digit code, just like with CASHlib, to authorize transactions with it. This code, also, needs to be kept safe.

Using CASHlib and PaySafeCard Across Online Casino Sites

paysafecard (1)

As you would assume, regardless of whether you’ll eventually choose to use CASHlib or PaySafeCard as your deposit method at an online casino, the depositing process would be pretty much the same. But before we go into it, let us tell you about the range of casinos you'll have at your disposal. We said that being present since 2000, PaySafeCard is offered at over 900 sites. But you should know that CASHlib, which started getting listed across online casinos in 2015, is already available in more than 100. This means that you have at least 100 sites to explore to find the one that would suit you most. Choose the one to go with and then continue with the following steps.

To fund your online casino balance with CASHlib, do the following:

  1. Go to the casino’s Payment Methods/Cashier/Banking page.
  2. Locate CASHlib’s logo and press it.
  3. In the new window, just enter the 16-digit code and confirm the transaction.
  4. The money will arrive on your balance in an instant.

As you would assume, while deposits with CASHlib are so easy and instant, withdrawals are not an option. Considering you never create an account with it, there’s no return address where the casino could send you your winnings. So, in this case, you’d need to look for other methods that will provide you with fast withdrawals. Cryptocurrencies and eWallets are great options to explore.

To deposit with PaySafeCard, go through this procedure:

  1. Choose PaySafeCard from the list of Deposits/Banking/Payment Methods at the casino.
  2. Press its logo and in the new window, specify how much you’d like to deposit.
  3. Enter the 16-digit code and confirm the transaction.
  4. Watch the money arriving on your balance immediately.

Similarly to CASHlib, if you purchase the regular or MasterCard PaySafeCard card types, you won’t be able to make withdrawals. Withdrawals, however, would be an option if you’re using the online-only MyPaySafeCard solution since it will provide the casino with a return address. But, since the transfer procedure would be a bit complicated for the casino, most casinos just simply avoid offering PaySafeCard as a withdrawal option overall, regardless of the type of card you’re using. So, just like with CASHlib, you better start looking for an alternative solution to cash out your winnings.

Advantages and Disadvantages

CASHlib and PaySafeCard are, without a doubt, quite similar solutions, with their respective differences, of course. The shared values prevail, so let’s check them out.

We consider these similar things they are offering as advantages for you as an online casino player. For one, they are both alternatives to credit cards. They are perfect for you if you’re trying to avoid using credit cards for online gambling. Two, they can both be purchased offline and online, and in quite an easy way. Three, as soon as you purchase them, you’d only need to keep a 16-digit code safe to start transacting with them; no boring logging in procedures would be needed. And four, they are both available across at least 100 online casino sites.

Now, this takes us to the disadvantages. CASHlib is a tad less popular than PaySafeCard across online casinos. Whether it is due to the fact that it was launched in 2015 only, and PaySafeCard has a 15-years advantage, we cannot tell. Also, it is available in 11 countries in total, compared to PaySafeCard’s over 40, some of which do not offer the online purchase option. And, withdrawals with it are definitely not an option, which is its biggest downside. With PaySafeCard, they are an option only with the MyPaySafeCard card.

But, it is safe to say that the two are both excellent for instant deposits, as you won’t need to share anything else but the 16-digit code to transact with them across the many online casinos. So, weigh in the pros and cons of both methods and choose the one you’d want to go with. The best part is, you can purchase both the voucher and the regular PaySafeCard one time, with no strings attached, to see how it goes, and if not satisfied with what's offered, you can stop using it. You won't need to unsubscribe or delete an account, since these are one-time vouchers/prepaid cards you can only try to see how they work. But trust us, you’d be more than pleased with them, especially as an online casino depositor.

Payment Methods Comparison
Payment methods name CASHlib Paysafecard
Available accounts n/a 1 account
Account management fees n/a From the 13th Month, a monthly fee of 5 GBP will be deducted from the paysafecard account if the customer has not carried out any transactions in the paysafecard account within 12 months.
Account unused n/a 5 GBP per month
Exchange fees (FX) n/a 3%
p2p Money transfer
Send money p2p n/a Both the use of paysafecard prepaid codes and payment using the paysafecard account are basically free
Receive money p2p n/a Both the use of paysafecard prepaid codes and payment using the paysafecard account are basically free
Deposit fees
Bank transfer n/a 4 %
Instant bank transfer n/a 4%
Credit card n/a 4%
Withdraw fees
Bank transfer n/a 6 GBP
Prepaid card at the ATM n/a 3% (min. 3 GBP)
To merchant site n/a free
PrePaid card n/a paysafecard Mastercard
Fee to order n/a 8 GBP annual
Membership n/a 3 GBP from 7th month
Costs for cash withdrawals at the ATM n/a 3% (min. 3 GBP)
Costs at points of sale n/a The transaction fee is a customer fee which can be charged by individual pre-defined retailers and which must be declared.
New prepaid card n/a 4 GBP
Cash withdrawal at ATM limits/24h n/a 400 GBP
Points of sale limits/24h n/a 1,500 GBP
Delivery time n/a 4 to 20 working days
Prepaid card available currencies n/a USD, ARS, AUD, BGN, CAD, CHF, DKK, GBP, HRK, HUF, LVL, NOK, MXN, NZD, PEN, PLN, MDL
Two factor authentication n/a 3D Secure
Link to terms & conditions

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