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The world of cryptocurrency can seem intimidating to navigate, especially, if you’re entering into it for the first time. Virtually currencies such as Bitcoin have grown in popularity over the years due to the anonymity they provide. It wasn’t long before the iGaming industry began integrating this type of currency into banking and gaming software.

We wanted to take some of the pressure off of you, so we registered for Blockchain and made a Bitcoin deposit at Slotland Casino. This method comes in handy for players across the globe, however, American online gamblers are finding it especially convenient and easy to use. Within a few clicks, you can make a bitcoin deposit and access a range of games quickly and easily.

1. When making a bitcoin deposit on Slotland Casino, you will need to first begin with setting up a bitcoin wallet. Slotland recommends using Blockchain, and provide a direct link in order to help you get started. Once you create your bitcoin wallet, you may use a credit/debit card to fund the account. Select ‘Buy & Sell’ and ‘Bitcoin’.

2. Make sure the buy option is underlined as seen below. The current conversion rate will be displayed (i.e. 1 BTC = $10, 885.82). In the ‘I want to buy’ box (highlighted in blue), type in the amount of money you would like to deposit into your bitcoin wallet. Blockchain required a minimum amount of around $58.00 USD so we entered $60.00 USD in the box. Click ‘Continue’ button.

3. Select Credit/Debit as the payment method.

4. Check the box to accept that Coinify will process the order. Then click the ‘Submit’ button.

5. You will then be provided with the details of your purchase. There will be a small processing fee. In this instance it was a $3.00 USD fee in addition to the $60.00 deposit. Total charge to the credit/debit card will be $63.00 USD.

6. Now enter your name as it appears on your credit/debit card, your card number, your expiration date, and the CVV number in the respective fields as seen below. Click blue ‘Continue’ button.

7. You will receive the Pending message box as your transaction is being processed.

8. Once the transaction goes through, you will see the funds in your ‘Total Balance’ on the top right portion of your screen. This means you now have bitcoins in your wallet and may use them to deposit bitcoins into your Slotland Casino account.

9. Sign in to your Slotland Casino account. Click on the ‘Banking’ tab. Under deposit options, select bitcoin. It is highlighted in yellow below. Enter your deposit amount, which was $30.00 USD via bitcoin in this example. Click gold ‘Deposit’ button.

10. Deposit by Bitcoin Screen: Provides you with a bitcoin address to deposit the bitcoins from your bitcoin wallet. Copy the Bitcoin address in order to paste it in the Blockchain ‘Send Bitcoin’ screen. There is a QR code you can scan if using a mobile device.

11. Go back to your Blockchain account:

  • Select ‘Send Bitcoin’.
  • The below window should have Bitcoin in the ‘Currency’ field and ‘My Bitcoin Wallet’ in the ‘From’ field.
  • In the ‘To’ field, paste the bitcoin address that you received from Slotland.
  • Type the deposit amount you originally requested on the Deposit Bitcoin screen on Slotland’s banking tab (2 screenshots above) in the ‘Amount’ field. In this instance it was $30.00 USD. It will automatically convert the BTC field to the appropriate conversion rate in Bitcoin.
  • Network Fee field is ‘Regular’.
  • Click blue ‘Continue’ button.

12. Review the confirmation window and proceed by clicking the blue ‘Send Bitcoin’ button to approve the transaction.

13. The below confirmation screen enables one to see that the Bitcoins were sent to the Slotland Casino from your bitcoin wallet. The Bitcoin Balance on the top right part of the screen should be adjusted to reflect the transaction.

14. When you sign in to your Slotland Casino account the balance at the top right portion of the screen will show your Bitcoin deposit. That money is now available for use in the Slotland Casino. You are all set to select the game of your choice and start betting.

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