Crypto is increasingly popular in the e-commerce industry in general, and online gambling is not lagging behind whatsoever. With one of the fastest progressing trends and a massive global value, it is in fact a most fertile soil for the latest innovations and launches. In this regard … … the cryptocurrency community has been one of the more active participants in this race for the latest invention. Since the birth of Bitcoin, the first-born digital currency, there have been many other...
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Crypto is increasingly popular in the e-commerce industry in general, and online gambling is not lagging behind whatsoever. With one of the fastest progressing trends and a massive global value, it is in fact a most fertile soil for the latest innovations and launches.


In this regard

… the cryptocurrency community has been one of the more active participants in this race for the latest invention. Since the birth of Bitcoin, the first-born digital currency, there have been many other tokens following in its footsteps more or less. Ethereum aimed to employ the best of Bitcoin, and still include some novelty with their smart contracts, and EOS is considered to be one other step ahead in the game.

Still, there is a new currency released in recent years that appears to be taking the crypto world by a storm – TRON.

What is TRON?

Essentially, TRON…

was devised as a decentralized global digital entertainment system, running on the blockchain technology that has become largely popular since the release of Bitcoin. The same principles apply here – the blockchain is a kind of a ledger platform where all information on transactions is stored.

It is decentralized due to the fact that any one participant on the network – computer – has it in their servers, and much safer, since it is practically impossible into all of them and change the transaction logs. These are connected blocks (hence the name) from first to last transaction, holding information such as the amount, sender data, time, as well as the unique hash.

Tron performance

TRON, specifically

… aims to be more than just a digital money transaction service – the purpose of its creator, Justin Sun, is to allow individuals globally to share content in a completely decentralized manner. In other words, the platform is intended to serve as a connection between providers and consumers, with Dapps – decentralized apps – uploaded on it for sharing. The entire process is extremely cost-efficient and secure, i.e. anonymous, and most importantly, almost instantaneous.

As a creation, TRON

was first established in 2014, but its MainNet launch came a few years later, on May 31, 2018. Shortly afterwards, the platform acquired BitTorrent, one of the largest solutions for file, audio and video content sharing globally, in an attempt to develop an idea by Satoshi, the supposed creator of Bitcoin.

By the end of the same year

… TRON was still experiencing difficulties trying to break through the multitude of similar crypto tokens into the fore. However, it was precisely in December that the value of the TRON inherent cryptocurrency, Tronix (TRX) experienced an astonishing bull run. Its value practically shot up from $0.004 up to $0.05, more than tenfold, over the course of December 11 to December 21.

The same tendency was retained throughout the following period, with its record high value hitting 25 cents per Tronix early January. Still, the rapid soaring inevitably led to just as sharp a decrease soon enough, with the value stabilizing at 5, and then at 2 cents per TRX.

The market cap consequently experienced fluctuations, going up to $16.7 billion, and falling abruptly to $3.8 billion, before ultimately stabilizing at around $1.4 billion. Still, with over $1 billion market cap firmly holding its ground, the TRON system is still well on its track.

Most recently

… it has been included in the massive Bitcoin Superstore, a platform enabling individuals globally to purchase goods from almost any online retailer with select cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are among the six options that have been available so far, with the seventh – TRX, introduced most recently.

TRON Online Casinos

The CEO and creator

… Justin Sun’s passion for games inclining towards a gambling fashion, as well as his inexhaustible entrepreneurial spirits, have caused TRON to dip its toes into online gambling. Since the first ever Dapp launched on the TRON blockchain being TRONbet, it became evident that online gambling would also be a potential market for the all-encompassing entertainment system.

Tron about

TRON even has a functioning, and rather popular app, released in relation to the TRONbet – TRONdice. Since October 2018, it has paid out more than 3 billion TRX in winnings, or $60 million.

What is more, roughly 60% of the platform’s current apps are loosely or more closely connected to gambling principles, with about 20 being released on average each week.

TRON Online Casino Banking

Due to its integration

… into one of the most massive mediatory platforms for global online crypto purchases, and its inclination towards wager-like games, it wasn’t long before online casinos included TRX in their list of available banking options.

First up

… it is important to know that it is essentially the same procedure as with other crypto tokens. All you have to do is choose a wallet and acquire a certain amount of the cryptocurrency using another token, or alternatively, a fiat currency.

Next up

… you will want to choose a suitable e-wallet to store your cryptocoins. Bear in mind that the market is swarmed with options, and always consider the properties before committing to a certain product. One consideration is the platform compatibility, depending on your preference between desktop and mobile, or alternatively, community or TRON-created wallets, such as the Huobi Wallet, Trust or Atomic Wallet.


… all you need to do is find a crypto casino that accepts payments in this currency, deposit your bankroll from the personal to the online casino e-wallet account and play.

Advantages & Disadvantages of TRON Online Casino Banking

+ TRON is running on the latest technology, improving upon faults found in its predecesors;

+ Tronix can handle up to 2,000 transactions per minute, as opposed to 25 by ETH and 3 to 6 at best by Bitcoin;

+ TRON is much more scalable and affordable, particularly important for cutting online casino players’ costs on transactions processing;

+ Completely secure and anonymous, sharing no personal information with the online casino operator.


- There are still very few online casinos that accept deposits and withdrawals using TRX;

- Software developers are still catching up as well, and game availability for TRX players may seem a bit scarce compared to the rest;

- TRON is still recent in the online gambling marketplace, and the crypto community in general.

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Has there been any major scandal, or is there some potential for one regarding TRON?

There has been one dispute regarding the system, when multiple members of the crypto community blamed its inventor, Sun, for copying code without reference to his sources. This has spiked up a heated debate, and reflected in the cryptocurrency’s stability, but seems to have been resolved following Sun’s official response on Twitter. He pointed out discrepancies between the English translation to what was originally TRON’s whitepaper in Chinese, and refuted all allegations.

What kinds of games will I be able to play at TRON online casinos?

Despite the expected lack of game variety that can be played using TRX, there is still a range of titles on online casinos that are adapted to the newest circumstances. Thus, players will most likely be able to enjoy titles that are part of the regular offering, such as slots, blackjack, roulette, craps and other table games. Alternatively, they may have to wait a bit before getting compatible game types such as live casino, specialty games and more.

Are there any bonuses available for players choosing TRON as their banking option?

Yes, TRON casinos tend to offer all the same bonuses and promos as any other counterpart. They may even include a separate offer for those opting for this cryptocurrency, just as a form of promoting it to the public.

Are the games on the TRON platform proven fair?

Yes, all the games that include some element of placing a wager regarding a given outcome on the TRON platform are completely fair. The Random Number Generator built into the games ensures that there are no biased results.

How many TRON payments have been processed so far? Is there potential for more?

So far, since the launch in 2018, there have been about 747,000 transactions on the platform, transferring a total of about 26 million TRX. More and more are being processed every single day, and this is all the more true thanks to its expansion to credit card payments, transactions through TRON ATMs and TRX freezing.

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