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In order to beat the competition, online casino operators need to refresh their offers continuously and find more and more ways to retain existing and attract new players. There’s no better way to do so than with versatile bonuses and promotions packed with extra cash or casino spins.

As the number of betting platforms is increasing day by day, players often rely on other people’s experience when making a decision about where to deposit and play. That’s where the power of the good old “word of mouth” lies, only under a different name- Refer a Friend program.

What is a Refer a Friend Casino Bonus?

Also called the Invite a Friend program, Refer a Friend scheme is a type of casino bonus in which a player receives a prize for inviting their friends to join the platform. An existing client receives some sort of compensation for referring one or multiple friends to that specific casino, whereas those friends also benefit from an introductory bonus.

This bonus comes mainly comes in the form of bonus money or casino spins. Depending on what’s written in the Terms, these credits can be used on a limited selection of releases or all games in the portfolio. Players need to know that referral bonus is meant for existing depositors, not for new clients.

Worth noting is that the ideas and the concept itself exist beyond the casino industry as well. Dropbox, Uber, Airbnb, and Tesla, as well as some payment providers such as Payoneer or PayPal, have a Refer a Friend option.

How to Successfully Refer a Friend and Get the Bonus?

Bonuses in general are quite simple to claim. Basically, all it takes is to make a qualifying deposit and in some cases enter a coupon code, after which the free credits are all yours. The same goes for this incentive.

These are the steps to follow if interested in taking advantage of Referral bonuses:

  • Choose a casino that offers Refer a Friend program and be an active player
  • Visit the casino promotions page to find the “Refer a Friend Bonus”
  • Complete the form with your friend’s information (full name, email address, etc.).
  • The casino will automatically send your friend an email with instructions and a code/link
  • As soon as the friend accepts the referral bonus, you will receive your prize (cash, spins…)

Of course, it would be wise to check in advance whether your friend is interested in taking part in Refer a Friend campaign. Some players simply don’t want to deal with any wagering requirements, bonuses, and incentives, so obliging a friend to use such an offer would be counterproductive.

So, make sure to share your first-hand insights with a friend, and tell them something about the games selection, bonuses, payment options, and other info BEFORE sending a referral code/ link. This will boost chances for your friend to accept the referral and register, and you, in return, will be rewarded.

Different Types of Refer a Friend Bonuses

As mentioned earlier, this incentive comes in a couple of different formats. Based on individual preferences, a player can select a Refer a Friend scheme which offers:

  • Deposit match bonuses
  • Cashback bonuses
  • Free spins
  • Loyalty points
  • Prizes, gift, rewards

It’s important to note that Referral Bonus is not the same thing as a loyalty program in an online casino. Refer a Friend campaign can be used by existing players, while Loyalty Club/ Rewards Program is open to new customers as well, from the very first deposit they make.

Sometimes a club can be joined by a special invitation sent by a casino, depending on the overall activity, depositing frequency, type of games played, and other relevant criteria.

What's the Point of Taking Part in a Refer a Friend Campaign?

From both casinos’ and players’ points of view, benefits are numerous. Such campaigns help them keep the existing players interested and entertained, motivating them to recommend the platform to their friends and boosting the network of players. In addition to this, new consumers receive a portion of free spins or cash, as additional credits for extended gaming sessions.

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Referral Bonuses

When choosing bonuses in online casinos, players need to look beneath its attractive surface. Underneath those countless opportunities to grab some freebies, a consumer can often encounter not-so-fair wagering requirements, too-low max cashout limits, and other shortcomings. Referral bonuses are definitely not an exception.

To minimize the possibilities for misunderstandings and unpleasant situations, consumers should take a look at the following details:

  • Referral links and codes

Make sure to copy the link or code carefully, so as not to omit any numbers and letters otherwise, the code will be invalid. If a single detail is missing, the offer won’t work, so your friend could only end up disappointed.

  • Expiry dates

Just like bonus codes, referral bonuses have expiration dates, meaning a referral link or code must be used or is active for a specific period of time. In most cases, the campaign itself is permanent, but the code/link itself may be updated from time to time and also may vary from one player to another.

  • Wagering requirements

The credits from the referral itself become available to you as an option after your player registers. However, if you want to withdraw winnings derived from playing with these credits, you usually need to complete certain wagering requirements.

  • Growth percentage

A limited number of online casinos have a special type of referral scheme with a growth percentage for each new referral. It works like this- player A refers player B, who further refers player C, and so on, but for every subsequent referral, the first player receives a return.

  • Terms & Conditions

Before claiming any of the bonuses found in a casino, you need to get acquainted with the accompanying rules, where all the above-mentioned details should be thoroughly explained. In case something is missing, don’t hesitate to reach out to the customer support department.

What we need to mention is that casinos often limit accounts to one per IP address or household. This is very important if you want to send a referral code to a family member- make sure it’s the one you are not sharing the IP address with.

Finally, keep in mind that the internet is crowded with scam sites. If you want to make the most of this offer, stick with well-rated and trustworthy online casinos and never copy codes from sites with a questionable reputation.

Have fun and gamble responsibly!


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200% up to $500

30x(b+d) lowest WR

2.6 / 40 votes

Up to €/$100

30x(b+d) lowest WR

3.7 / 167 votes

300% up to $200 + 50 Spins

35x(b+d) lowest WR

3.5 / 169 votes

100% up to $2000

30xb lowest WR

1.9 / 281 votes

300% up to $200 + 50 Spins

80xb lowest WR

2.7 / 423 votes

200% up to $100

25x(b+d) lowest WR

3.9 / 451 votes


5xb lowest WR

3.7 / 240 votes

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Where to find online casinos which offer Refer a Friend bonuses?

Our directory features a complete list of casinos with referral campaigns. They are listed by rating, so feel free to visit their respective review pages to find out more about the complete offering.

Do all casinos offer referral bonuses?

No, they don’t. There are casinos without bonuses, rewards campaigns, Loyalty programs and similar, so in such places, players cannot take part in Refer a Friend scheme, claim free spins, no deposit bonuses, or any other incentives.

Is the number of referral bonuses limited?

To prevent players from abusing this offer, casinos may sometimes limit the number of referrals per month. This is usually indicated in the Terms and Conditions.

What types of Referral Casino Bonuses are there?

The most popular forms of Refer a Friend bonuses include deposit match bonuses, free spins, cashback bonuses as well as additional loyalty points or versatile prizes and rewards.

Is a referral bonus difficult to claim?

Refer a Friend or Invite a friend bonus is simple to use. All it takes is to fill in a form with your friend’s data and send him/her the code or the link to use when registering.

Is Refer a Friend casino bonus worth it?

A referral bonus is an excellent opportunity to collect additional playing credits, so it’s definitely worth it. Of course, to make sure the experience is pleasant to both you and the friend you are referring to, always opt for reputable casinos.
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