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Air Dice is based in Helsinki, Finland and develops real money games, connects bingo lovers using BingoBooster and broadcast live roulette for mobile bets.
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Air Dice is a Finnish casino gaming company, which makes it a rare fish in the sea that is iGaming companies. And whilst the company still does have its headquarters in Finland, its actual operations are everywhere but. This is attested by the fact that the company is licensed in Malta, the UK, and Belgium.


The Air Dice brand started operating around 2005, and can be considered the core setup of what has now become Air Dice Group. Despite the name, the main area of interest for the company has always been slots, though you will find a handful of dice games, card games, and other products in the selection too. Make note that the company seems to have been already in operation since 2003, or even 2002 according to some sources.

Despite their long presence in the industry, pre-dating most other casino game producers, the games aren’t actually that well presented across the world of online casinos. You’ll only find a handful of sites, though some of these are pretty popular brands. Some new developments seem to be ongoing, and perhaps Air Dice is ready to ascend to the level of popularity it ought to have.

We’ll be taking a deeper look at the details below. Alternatively, you can choose one of our suggested casinos and try out the games on your own terms.

A Collection of Brands

Air Dice is the core group, but there are a couple of other brands that operate under the same company. It’s worth noting that the company itself has spread to several offices around Europe, so despite its roots the company today is an international operation.

Dice Crafter is another brand working under the company. Apparently an offshoot of Ludocraft, which is known for its ability to gamify anything and everything. Having worked with some of the biggest software companies, they have previously also produced games for Veikkaus, which is the national gambling authority in Finland. Today they continue to create slots and other casino games.

Probability Jones was founded in 2016. Concentrating on slots and scratch cards, this company is extremely talented when it comes to mobile gaming. They excel when it comes to creating unique concepts. This brand is an important addition to Air Dice, especially when it comes to slots that easily stand out in any collection of games.

And as it turns out, the company has decided to become something of a player in the field of bingo. However, at the moment they seem to be concentrating on retail bingo, and not so much on online bingo. Two brands stand out here: NRM and Bingo Booster Nordics Solution. The former was created in 1995, and the latter started operations in 2010.

Bingo Booster combines real-world bingo clubs with online operations. Players and clubs can extend their playthroughs online, and even conduct live gaming sessions. It’s definitely an interesting concept, though perhaps not quite as useful for online players as it is for club regulars. Not to mention that there isn’t all that much competition in the field of online bingo, which might make this quite a surprising product in the end.

NRM seems to be providing content and solutions across the UK, and has done so for decades. They’ve got the certificates and long-held partnerships to show for it. Once again, this is mostly for the retail bingo area. This means actual gaming halls, as opposed to online play. However, the two are more and more integrated every year, so it might well be that these solutions will in the future be available at online casinos too.

Slots and Other Casino Games

Slots are by far the largest single group of games you will find in the catalog of Air Dice. And that’s no matter which of the brands we are talking about. But before we get to the slots, let’s take a look at the dice games. That’s what the company seems to be named after, so it makes sense to take a look at their flagship products first.


It’s good to make note that dice games are not a synonym for craps or other similar table games. Rather, these are dice slots. And they differ a lot when it comes to how the games are played. Some simply replace normal symbols with dice, which in turn are paired the exact same way on paylines. Others change the way the game is played entirely. For example, Mystery Deal has the player rolling for certain combinations, whilst also placing the dice in different grids.

The above example is the system that most of the dice slots from Air Dice use. Besides this basic gameplay, which often plays out similarly, the games tend to offer the player a host of bonus features. These go from mystery games to bonus rounds, multipliers, and all sorts of other perks and benefits that can rake up wins in quick succession.

What about the slots?

The dice games come in quite good numbers, but the slots still outnumber them. At least when all of the different studios and brands are counted together. These slots tend to use pretty much the same interface, though the graphical look is usually different from one another. Not just from the themes, but the style too.

No matter the setting, these games tend to aim for pretty high top wins. That’s not to say you couldn’t win smaller sums, or indeed that you wouldn’t most times, but the potential to score something around ten thousand times your total bet seems to be pretty constant too.

And just like with the dice slots, these games tend to rely heavily on features. In fact, that seems to be one of the main ways for Air Dice to ensure that their games remain interesting and engaging. Bonus spins are heavily represented, but you can find plenty of other specials too.

Other Casino Games

Scratch cards, bingo games, instant win games, and table games. There seems to be a bit of everything when it comes to this company. Overall, the size of the selection is quite big and varied. This begs the question, why isn’t Air Dice a far more popular brand? It should be by all notes.

Before we engage further with that question, let’s take a look at these other casino games. When it comes to table games there are not all that many surprises in the selection. Just a stylish version of roulette, and another of blackjack. Nothing beyond the ordinary.

Scratch cards are similarly limited. They offer a couple of options, with the difference mainly being in how much you can bet and win. And the rest of the games really seem to be there just to offer a little bit of something. For example, Keno is pretty much the most basic of all number games, and doesn’t offer much beyond the basic functionalities. The video bingo games are neither numerous nor varied, although they do offer some pretty interesting jackpots. Clearly, the specialty in this field is left to the retail land-based offering.

In other words, slots and dice games are way more engaging than the rest of the selection, but then that selection is just a handful of games for now.

Current Licenses

The main license for Air Dice seems to be the one they hold in Belgium. In fact, they seem to be supremely popular in this country. Their bingo offerings are likewise quite popular in the UK, but not in the online space. Nevertheless, they hold a license from the UK Gambling Commission.

The company gained its Malta license in 2021, which was followed by a license from the Netherlands and one from Sweden in 2023. It’s pretty clear that the company is kicking in the gear for accelerated expansion. Safety, security and the brand seems to have been established at this point.


Air Dice is something of a rare company. Not that many iGaming companies are privately owned anymore, least of all those that started in the early millennia. At the same time, the company has kept a pretty short list of customers. Whereas most other gaming companies sign deals with anyone willing to distribute their games, this company has pretty much expanded at a snail’s pace.

Yet, somehow they have reached presence across the world. And we have to admit, the dice games are truly unique, and the slots certainly equal to any other out there. We’ll gladly see what this company is up to in the future. And whilst we wait, why not check out our list of suggested online casinos and enjoy a few rounds?

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Online Gambling Licenses

iGaming regulatory bodies are important as they keep online gambling fair and safe. Software providers that are regulated by these bodies have to be fully compliant with its requirements. These gambling licences also offer online casino and sports betting operators a chance to work across the globe and offer their service to specific geographical regions. Air Dice is regulated and licensed in the following jurisdictions: Belgium, Malta, United Kingdom, Mpumalanga.

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