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Winfinity is dedicated to providing top-notch gaming and entertainment solutions, an infinite gaming experience in their own words. This live casino operator started its journey from Riga, Latvia, where their main studios are located. Since 2020 they have been expanding their reach and honing any gaming session to offer the ultimate table game experience.


The company is licensed in Latvia, which allows them to offer their games in a variety of casinos. This is one area where we expect the company to seek further certificates, as this would allow them to reach much wider audiences. Of course, before doing this it’s necessary to ensure that the products are entertaining and enticing enough to compete in the field.

Keep your eyes on our text, and find out what sort of live casino games Winfinity offers to players, what sort of perks they come with, and what makes them stand out amongst the more experienced and established live casino dealer companies. Make sure to pick one of our suggested casinos to try the games out in!

Live Casino Games

live_casino_gamesBlackjack, roulette, and baccarat. It’d be silly to assume that a company that basically just started could offer much more than this. Especially if you compare them to the bigger providers, like Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play, whose selection is much the same, with the addition of game shows, and a handful of Asian table games.

The question is still, are these three games enough to satisfy players, and is there something else that the company brings to the table? Or are they perhaps planning to bring in something else?

In our opinion, it should be enough. But at the same time, the same products are likely to be available from a variety of other producers, both in automated versions, and as live casino products. So Winfinity really needs to bring forth the best possible experience, the perfect streams, and perhaps some additional perks.

Interface and Game Options

The gaming is built both for desktop and mobile devices, with the latter clearly being an important area for the company. The interface itself is, in a word, modern. That not only means that the games can be played via all devices, but that there’s some very deep-level thinking going on about how to present everything to the player. In that regard, simplicity and intuitive use are definitely prioritized.

Other technological solutions make sure that the stream comes with low latency, despite the 4K quality. Even AI is deployed to make sure that the video feed is always perfect, and the flow of information is uninterrupted.

The Games Themselves

When it comes to the trio of games available, there are no big surprises. The quality of the games has been toned into the highest possible setting, but all that is the dressing that a live casino provides. Other than this, the only thing that really stands out is the fact that you can play from multiple seats, and the fact that side bets are available.

Something interesting we spotted is a bonus buy feature. Now, we’re pretty familiar with this when it comes to slots. It seems that pretty much all slot developers have added a faster-than-lightning way to reach the bonus spins by buying your way into them. But how can you use bonus buy in a roulette?

Rather easily as it turns out. Whenever a player chooses to use this option, they get a multiplier for their wins. And what’s even better, there’s the possibility of gaining this same feature as a bonus. We all know live casino gaming is pretty much a desert when it comes to possible bonuses, so this really opens up some interesting options.

The company itself boasts that they are all about the new live gaming experience, but these casino games are pretty much as standard and classic as they come. So what takes the experience to the next level then?

High Quality and Player Engagement

Simply put, the experience itself. Charismatic dealers are combined with state-of-the-art studios. This is all topped with the feeling of luxury, and highly trained croupiers. Different backgrounds, such as Venice, bar lounge, and Asian-inspired settings are used to create a relaxing atmosphere. It’s obvious that the company isn’t going to compete with quantity, so they’ve opted for quality.

Other points of quality include investments in technology and equipment that result in fewer mistakes on the tables. According to the company, their downtime is 66% less than with competitors. For example, this means better built-in scanners to ensure that all cards are immediately counted correctly.

At the end of the day, the company seems to have everything pretty well under control. The selection of games is perhaps not quite as large as we’d like, nor does it include any game shows, but on the other hand, the basics are spot on. It’s only a matter of scaling things up. More games, more languages, more currencies, and more studios. To us, that seems to be the obvious direction for the company to head. That is, if they are not simply bought off by one of the more established competitors.

Presentation is Everything

Something that is pretty consistent through and through is extreme detail to presentation. That holds true for the website as it does for the games, or the Academy-trained croupiers. In fact, you’re left with an impression far greater of a successful branding than with many of the other live casino producers, some of which have been operating for decades. This makes the whole experience that much more sophisticated and enjoyable. Clearly something that Winfinity has chosen as one of their core values.

Mobile Gaming

mobile_gamingThe gaming experience is absolutely stunning when playing on desktops, or other similar devices. However, the mobile crowd is without a doubt the core audience for Winfinity. This is evident from their own website and marketing material, as it is if you simply try out the games on your mobile device.

There’s a clear advantage here. Whereas most of the old-guard live casino providers, such as Playtech, started by providing their games primarily on desktops and other similar devices, this company had the luxury of going straight to mobile. You might think the difference couldn’t be that great, but you’ll soon change your mind. One product is adapted from mobile gaming, and the other is designed around it.

Core part of this is ensuring a video stream that offers amazing quality, even when the connection you have comes with latency and lower speed. These are obviously technical solutions, taking advantage of stream compression, video compression, and predictive AI models that we mentioned earlier.

Current Licenses

The company is officially licensed in Latvia , and according to them, they hold the only licensed casino academy in the whole iGaming industry. This license is given by the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science. Whilst the latter is certainly a point of interest, the truth is that the company does need more certificates and licenses in order to compete with the majority of other live casino producers. It seems obvious that this will be their next step, together with opening up new studios to serve even wider audiences.


There’s no denying the fact that Winfinity is a relatively small live casino operator. This is more to the fact that they just started in 2020, and have only recently got their operation running full speed.

Whilst the selection of games they offer holds no surprises, they do hold some innovations that take advantage of recent trends, together with a clear dedication to building the best possible interface. All is done with mobile gaming in mind, though these games by no means look and play any worse on other devices.

Some of the games do offer interesting choices, like bonus buy in that brings multipliers, or for example side bets for baccarat. Blackjack also allows in-play betting, which allows players to bet on the dealer’s hand in the middle of the gaming round. Whilst these might sound like insignificant details, they are rare improvements that can’t really be found amongst the games from other producers. At least not yet, no doubt they will be copied once they prove their popularity.

For the moment, these games are available only through a select few casinos. We’ve got the best of them listed here, and will naturally keep you updated on any new casinos, or other developments regarding Winfinity. Take a look at the sites and enjoy some of the highest-quality mobile live gaming there is!

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