What are your odds? Win an easy $2 LCB Chip!

July 21st, 2016
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Don't we all wish to know what brutal, agonizing death awaits us? There's a kind of morbid fascination with death hidden inside all of us, leading to occasional pondering over our own, or just dying in general that looms over everything in this plane of existence. It's not a pleasant thought, not in the least, but it is inevitable and what else is left for us to do than think of fun ways to laugh off the fear? While we still can, of course.

Is dying peacefully in your sleep better than going down in the blaze of glory on a battlefield? And what kind of end is in store for you? Find out at LCB today
HERE and earn $2 in LCB chips. Getting your free chip has never been easier - all you need to do is calculate your odds of dying on your favorite TV show and post the result on the thread or social media. We have created an interactive calculator for this purpose, quick and easy to use and based on various death toll data from all your favorite shows.

You must have noticed the general trend of sky-high death tolls that has taken over all the popular TV shows lately. Game of Thrones is the undisputed leader in killing off its characters one by one and without mercy, even the main protagonists. Everyone is expendable, and the more we love them, the higher chance they have of expiring suddenly, without any hint and in a particularly gruesome way. Dexter, House of Cards, Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer - they've all had their fair share of the dead.

According to the data collected from IMDB and other relevant sites, the most common way of dying is by getting shot, followed closely by lots of stabbing deaths, and only a couple of explosions and heart attacks. As you can see, few have kicked the bucket from natural causes - it is a luxury only some can afford in the cruel world of TV shows. Zombie attacks caused many downfalls as well, but should this really come of as a surprise to anyone? And you should know that being a child or a female won't save your behind from those vicious, ratings hungry, views grabbing producers.

Using the calculator not only satisfies your morbid curiosity, but it also gives an exemplary character for you to check out every little detail of your impending doom. And getting a free chip on top of all of this is not a bad deal at all!
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