22Bet Casino Removed from Warning List and Placed on Probation

May 22nd, 2024
Back 22Bet Casino Removed from Warning List and Placed on Probation

With so many online casinos out there, it’s somehow hard to believe that every single one of them has good intentions. Some make mistakes and get away with it, the others realize that tricking and disrespecting players is not a wise long-term strategy, so they decide to turn over new leaf- like 22Bet Casino.

A couple of years ago, this operator ended up on LCB’s warning list due to slow payments, denied winnings, and unresponsive customer support. Having realized that so many red flags can seriously harm the brand’s reputation, the operator decided to turn over a new leaf.

Yes, it took them a while to make progress, but let’s not nitpick. Instead, why don’t we recap everything and see 22Bet Casino’s full journey to the rabbit hole of untrustworthiness and their step forward toward securing a return to the realm of good guys?

Denied Withdrawals & Other Sins

As hinted in the intro, 22Bet Casino was placed on warning in November 2018, due to multiple issues, of which denied winnings due to alleged irregular playing patterns were the burning ones. Making the situation even worse was the fact that the casino itself had no real proof of such action, but despite that, both players’ accounts were terminated.

Now, although breaching country restrictions is a valid reason to ban a player, this Curacao-licensed casino found it appropriate to react only when a withdrawal request was placed. The player in question noted that England was among the listed countries on the registration page, and so was GBP among currencies, which is why he decided to enroll.

Yet, the UK is among the restricted countries in the Terms, and that’s why the operator refused to process the withdrawal request. Interestingly, the casino saw nothing problematic with over 750 bets the customer in question previously placed over the course of 6 weeks.

Although this is one of those situations where both sides made mistakes, the casino should have acted more proactively and prevented players from registering in the first place. That would eliminate all subsequent issues that emerged and would indicate that responsible gambling is among 22Bet Casino’s priorities.

Even the 22Bet Casino rep on LCB’s direct support forum, who was supposed to help resolve issues like this wasn’t of much help. At least not with the said situations which is why we had no other but to attach a warning label to this casino.

Shifting Gears

It took 22Bet Casino five years to realize that such business practices would result in a permanently damaged reputation, so they decided to turn over a new leaf. In recent months, their team has shown immense progress in resolving the issues and responding to inquiries promptly.

To show that these efforts didn’t go unnoticed, LCB decided to remove the warning sign and place 22Bet Casino on probation for three months. That’s one step closer to full removal of the warning badge, provided that no mistakes are made in the said period.

Do you think placing 22Bet Casino on probation was a good idea? Does this casino deserve another chance? Don’t hesitate to leave your opinions and comments below, we’d like to hear your two cents on the matter.

As always, gamble responsibly!

“tricking and disrespecting players is not a wise long-term strategy”

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