Americans Want Legalized Online Gambling?

March 5th, 2011
Back Americans Want Legalized Online Gambling?

Wall Street Journal poll says yes

This weekend’s survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal on the legalization of online gambling in the United States once again proved that a majority of respondents favor the popular pastime.

The latest result of the poll was showing that 77.1 percent of respondents are for and 22.9 percent against it.

In the poll intro, the Journal wrote: "Lawmakers in some states are pushing for bills that aim to steer around federal laws prohibiting Internet wagering. Since gambling itself is not illegal, should the next step be to legalize gambling websites?"

There was a number of positive comments regarding the poll, in which some of the posters expressed concern that online gambling would be too powerful a competitor for traditional land gambling interests.

One of the posters, Rick Geiger, wrote: "Gambling exists, web gambling exists, even in the US where the perception is that it is illegal, to the tune of over $6 billion now. The internet is an international platform and the idea that online gambling will exist all over the world but not in the US is childish and foolish. Online gambling should be openly legalized and regulated and taxed just like any other business. All we achieve by continuing the prohibition is to send money and jobs outside of the US.

"We have done studies showing the value within five years is over $21billion. People play games online by the millions and there is a confluence of online gaming and online gambling and online ecommerce. Burying ours heads in the sand will not stop technology or human nature."

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