Self-exclusion Requirements Improved For Online Gamblers

January 22nd, 2012
Back Self-exclusion Requirements Improved For Online Gamblers
Easier protection for players thanks to the Regulator

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has recently announced an easier access to self-exclusion facilities in order to assist players concerned about their gambling getting out of hand.

The recently revised Commission website included a self-exclusion page, email address, and an on-line form to allow players who want to limit their play or be excluded from playing on any online gaming website that is licensed and regulated by the Commission to do so in two ways:

• By submitting a request directly to the operator(s) of an online gaming site licensed by the Commission; a player can establish deposit limits from that site – including a “zero” deposit limit. The player’s request must be respected by the operator, as required by Commission license.

• By submitting a Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request form or by sending a request to After verifying the player’s request and identity, the Commission will take steps to permanently exclude the player from all of the online gaming sites that are licensed and regulated by the Commission.

After a self-exclusion request is submitted to the Commission, a Compliance Officer will contact the player to verify the identity and/or obtain further information needed to proceed with the request.

If the request concerns a specific operator licensed by the Commission, it would be forwarded to that operator for implementation, upon which the operator would inform the player and the Commission about the date implementation was completed.

In the case when self-exclusion request is related to all online gaming sites licensed by the Commission, a Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Directive signed by the Commission chairman would be emailed to all current licensees with a specific date and time by which they must permanently exclude that particular player from accessing, depositing funds and playing on any gaming system operated by the licensee and licensed by the Commission.

As for the Commission, it would invite the player to confirm, in writing, the date and time at which the self-exclusion request was put into effect.

Players are strongly advised to promptly contact the Commission if any online gaming site licensed by the Commission does not respect the terms of a Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Directive.
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