Dealing With Illegal Gambling in South Africa

May 8th, 2012
Back Dealing With Illegal Gambling in South Africa
Minister plans to tackle all illegal gambling

South Africa’s Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies during his addressing the National Gambling and Liquor Policy Council on Monday called for a clear national gambling strategy and an action plan to deal with illegal gambling of all types.

Davies suggested that enforcement and licensing at both provincial and national level should be consulted and collaborate with the National Gambling Board. It has been given a mandate to prepare an action plan on curbing illegal gambling whilst provincial licensing authorities were called to participate and make recommendations.

"The public has been urged to participate in the public hearings to ensure that their views are presented on matters pertaining to gambling in the country," noted the Council reiterating that the regulation of bingo remains an element considered within the Gambling Review Commission report by Parliament.

The minister said this aspect would be subsumed in the broader review process, pending public consultations by the NCOP, expecting information on how the country must proceed with a regulatory framework for bingo as a whole."A moratorium on the issuance of all automated bingo due must be halted," explained Davies.

Although South Africa has been considering the idea of legalised and regulated online gambling, and despite the positive recommendations of the government's Gambling Review Commission, gambling still remains illegal.
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