Online Gambling in Portugal Possible?

August 1st, 2012
Back Online Gambling in Portugal Possible?

Financial problems may force the country to accept the pastime

Despite its preference for a gambling monopoly operated by the Santa Casa de Misericordia de Lisboa, Portugal may change its mind regarding online gambling, due to its great need for additional revenues.

It has been reported that a multi-ministry report looking into online gambling regulation options is the subject of lawmakers’ consideration and that the options it offers reportedly include: limited liberalization that excludes online casino gaming and gives the Santa Casa de Misericordia de Lisboa monopoly over regulation and licensing of other online betting activities; keeping the status quo; and a more liberal regime that would look up to regulatory and licensing practice in other European countries.

It appears that, so far, the first option seems most attractive to the lawmakers, but that won’t make happy all those operators from other EU countries who are interested in getting their piece of the Portuguese online market.

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