Delay in Delaware Online Gambling Legalization

February 13th, 2013
Back Delay in Delaware Online Gambling Legalization
The legalization of online gambling in the state of Delaware won’t happen in the first quarter of 2013, as many anticipated, but rather sometime in September, as the state currently has other priorities.

This was also announced by the state's recent 'request for proposals' for operators which stated a deadline for operational launch at end September this year.

According to State Lottery director Vernon Kirk, the launch of online gambling in Delaware, which passed a legalization law last year, was planned for Q1-2013, but other priorities, such as the expansion of football parlay betting to non-casino venues, and a state-wide Keno network, had obliged it to delay the implementation to September 2013.

He also said that, due to concerns about player numbers and therefore liquidity in its internet gambling endeavors, , Delaware may seek to close partnerships with other states that have also legalized the pastime.

He stated Nevada and New Jersey as potential partners, adding: “We’ll see what New Jersey does, and there’s even been discussion that wouldn’t necessarily exclude Europe.”

Kirk also pointed out to the Request for Proposals which prescribes that respondents must have at least a year's online gambling experience in running legal, real-money online betting operations in Europe or North America.
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