888Africa Strikes Successful Agreement with Incentive Games to Expand Crash-Games Offering!

February 24th, 2024
Back 888Africa Strikes Successful Agreement with Incentive Games to Expand Crash-Games Offering!

888AFRICA, one of the best betting and gaming operators, adds a new partner to its list! The company shook hands with Incentive Games, an acquisition and retention expert, with the aim of expanding its offering with a suite of crash games called 'Velocity.' Set to debut in Q2 2024 across five countries, Velocity promises an unparalleled gaming experience for players.

Tailored Innovation: Velocity Suite

Comprising three distinct titles – Velocity Classic, Velocity Turbo, and Velocity Free – the Velocity suite is meticulously crafted by Incentive Games' expert developers. Each game is designed to seamlessly integrate with 888AFRICA's platform, offering a fresh and interactive gameplay experience.

With a focus on enhancing player engagement, Velocity games offers a thrilling opportunity for players to immerse themselves in dynamic gameplay. From adrenaline-pumping moments in Velocity Turbo to the excitement of Velocity Free, players can expect an array of captivating experiences.

Behind the scenes, the Incentive Labs team, comprising R&D, data, and AI specialists, will leverage their expertise to analyze user interactions with Velocity games. Using smart segmentation and AI-driven rewards, they will continuously refine and tailor the gaming experience to meet the evolving preferences of players.

The partnership with Incentive is another move for 888AFRICA that wants to present innovative and engaging gaming content to its users.

Future Outlook

As the launch of Velocity draws near, excitement is palpable within the gaming community. With its innovative approach and desire to deliver unparalleled entertainment, the two brands will bring something special to the iGaming stage, setting new standards for player engagement and satisfaction.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with Velocity – the next frontier in online gaming. Keep an eye out for its launch in Q2 2024, and prepare to experience gaming like never before, exclusively on 888AFRICA's platform.

John Gordon, CEO and co-founder of Incentive Games, said of the partnership: "I'm delighted to join forces with Christopher Coyne and his team again. 888AFRICA is one of the fastest-growing brands in the region, and we're honored to help fuel their expansion. Their new crash games are different to everything else in the market and are shifting the gears of innovation!”

Christopher Coyne, co-founder and CEO of 888AFRICA, added: "At 888AFRICA, we're on a mission to bring high-quality, entertaining and unique betting and gaming experiences to players across Africa. These exciting and dynamic games will help us do exactly that, while differentiating our portfolio of titles. We look forward to working with John and the team to integrate Velocity onto our platform and introduce players to these exciting titles in the months ahead."



“The suite of bespoke games is tailored with precision by expert developers”

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