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RevenueJet Group succeeded only at being a good example for poor business practice. From the very beginning the Group bragged about how they carefully select their clients with a not so impressive end result clearly visible in their “Our Clients” page which is filled with some of the worst online casinos in the industry. The list includes Loco Panda, OnBling Casino, Grand Parker Casino, Classy Coin and Ruby Royal Casino. The “most respected gaming sites” turned out to be prime examples of bad business practice with elaborate stalling tactics.

We had a Group representative join our forum in March 2012, receiving warm welcomes from our moderators which were looking forward to collaborating on providing our dear members with the best experience, sadly the first complaints started pouring in just two months later. Luckily the first one got resolved but it represented a glimpse of a notorious pattern which soon emerged and stayed in place throughout the years to come. From the very beginning this was a busy forum thread filled with withdrawal queries, but the casino representative proved to be prompt in resolving them.

What seemed to be a promising start ended with infuriated members leaving concerningly similar complaints. These quotes are taken from the said forum thread:

"These things happen? Waiting like 3 months to get paid? Yeah, I definitely would love to play at casinos which would pay me in few years... This casinos group is a joke.”

"Hello, I am glad I discovered this site and this thread because Onbling has done to me what they do to other players who have posted here. I mean they stopped paying me and say they make a security check that can take 60 days…”

And consequently:

"What is wrong with the reps of Onbling and its sister sites? I sent PMs to both reps and I never received a response."

Onbling sounds like the worst of the bunch, with its own forum thread in the Players Complaints section which featured an especially painful plead for help. One of our members from UK shared her experience with the casino concerning her $11,193 win. When she attempted to cashout her winnings the casino asked for additional documents to prove it was really her. The complaisant member sent everything that was asked from her, got verified but ended up with only a fraction of the initial amount. She had another attempt at withdrawing which failed earning her a 60 day security check and this was only the beginning! Security check after a security check left her waiting for 6 months with no pay and the casino representative decided to ignore her plead all together. More about this complaint HERE

All the issues were a direct consequence of what we call “predatory and rogue” terms and conditions, which were connected to every promotion these casinos offered. They have implemented ridiculous security procedures that can leave players unable to withdraw from their accounts for months, and in some cases they have stopped paying them altogether. The controversial rule allows the casino to conduct random security checks lasting for 60-90 days. These ‘security’ checks proved to be anything but random, leaving an unsuspecting customer with a frozen account and no payout. What made the dire situation even worse was an additional rule, which was added to the terms later on. After the security check was completed the customer’s cashout would still be refused because he or she hasn’t made a deposit in last 30 days.

Another controversial condition concerned cashout limits and was dooly implemented, here’s a quote from one of the casinos’ T&Cs:

"13. Some bonuses may include cashout limits on winnings which are equal to 10 times the amount of a player’s deposit. The casino reserves the right to exercise this limitation at its discretion. Cashout limits will be determined by casino management according to a player’s level and recent account activity. Any account may be subject to review. While under review, any pending withdrawal request may be reversed with the requested amount returned to the player’s account."

Another issue was reappearing, even though the group’s terms and conditions state that the cashout limit is $3000 it would usually came down to $500.

All these and many more problems the Group caused to paying customers resulted in a general warning message posted in all five casino reviews. We strongly advise our members to reconsider making a deposit at any of these casinos due to a simple fact “if you do win we may not be able to help you get your winnings”. There are too many reports of slow and denied payments. The customer support is slow as well or non-responsive and aside from slow withdrawals players might experience “security checks” which can last up to 3 months. During this period players are not allowed to cash-out and we can only see this rule as another stalling tactic. The newest and equally outrageous rule, something called the “insufficient activity”, will deny the player’s winnings if he or she hasn’t been active and depositing in the last 30 days, which naturally proves to be impossible when your account has been frozen due to a ‘security’ check. This rule can’t be found in their T&Cs but is duly implemented.

“What seemed to be a promising start ended with infuriated members leaving concerningly similar complaints”

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