A Mysterious Shop Item Arrives from the Nether Regions of the Galaxy

May 28th, 2017
Back A Mysterious Shop Item Arrives from the Nether Regions of the Galaxy

This week's shop addition is something very special. It only looks like your regular free bundle of spins, but it actually came from space. It was brought to us by Space Lilly, a wonder-woman, brave adventurer and casino supplier who often ventures outside of our planet in search for gaming loot. So, it is basically an extraterrestrial gift infused with the magical powers of the universe, and whoever disagrees will get none of it. Just joking! ( Or are we, hm...?)

Truth be told, it does give off a slight green glow. We carefully removed the card that said: ''To my beloved LCB, the glorious pillar of gambling righteousness.'' We are used to adoration, being the best and all, so we nonchalantly proceeded to unwrap this mysterious package. Inside, 25 free spins writhed impatiently, waiting to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting reels of Guns 'N' Roses, with an insatiable appetite for destruction (or winning, however you like to call it).

The declaration states: No Wagering! For extra convenience and instant satisfaction.

From what we could gather, the spins seem to be rechargeable. A gift that keeps on giving! Once used, there has to be a cooling off period of exactly seven days, or the item will explode with devastating force, obliterating the LCB shop and everyone in the immediate vicinity. Don't you try anything funny!

We'll be honest with you guys - we barely resisted the urge to keep this chip for ourselves. But we love you, so there you have it. However, it will cost you $2 (it's tough in the biz these days, gotta feed the kids). It might give back as much as $100, though, definitely pays off to grab it.

Here's a summary for those too lazy to read all of the above (we know who you are!):

  • 25 free spins on Guns 'N' Roses
  • Costs $2 in shop chips
  • To qualify, your last action must be a deposit of at least $20
  • Requires a minimum deposit of $20 in between the claims
  • Available once every 7 days
  • Allowed games: all games
  • No Wagering
  • Maximum cash-out: $100
  • Restricted countries: Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Curacao, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and United States of America (including all its territories)

Good luck!

“No Wagering! For extra convenience and instant satisfaction.”

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