A New Milestone: LCB Now Has 130,000 Members on Our Forum!

April 14th, 2020
Back A New Milestone: LCB Now Has 130,000 Members on Our Forum!

Well, it was coming on so gradually and now it’s here: the day when we can, at long last, bask in the capital announcement that our LCB Forum is now a home to 130 thousand iGaming enthusiast members!

This remarkable achievement makes us all proud that our mission of bringing more value to players both attracts attention and builds trust of those wishing to know more about responsible and sustainable gaming.

A Brief History of Success

The last time we were this enamored with a figure was in December 2017…

…when we hit the Big 100K. Since then, a lot of water has flown under the bridge. Our team has at least doubled in size and the one-stop-shop for all things gambling only enhanced its mission, by making our existing services better AND coming up with new ways of engaging our members.

The staples of our signature offering, LCB Member Reward and Direct Casino Support, have been as strong as ever. New casinos are added weekly to the former scheme while support specialist representatives from all over continue to flock to our members’ assistance.

And it all began humbly, but with a burning ambition, in 2006…

…when our founders and co-CEO, Josh and Zuga, began the long and winding process of assembling both the original LCB website AND a believing, capable and devoted team of moderators, developers, managers, designers, content writers and authors to move the whole conglomerate forward.

As we grew, we won awards in the process, started new websites and other projects…And all along the way, we had you, our loyal members, witnessing it all and being there for us.

And for that, we thank you!

What We’ve Been Up To Recently

Today, we are a network comprising dozens of iGaming websites, but the main focus has always been – and forever will be – building and maintaining the thriving community of players and nurturing the one place where they can turn to for anything at all: lcb.org.

The truly massive novelty in the last year or so has been our venture into the streaming and video production realms. We’ve had gaming fun on our Twitch channel (and we’ll have it again…stay tuned!)…

…and right now we’re in the middle of creating amazing content for our YouTube channel, where you can now follow our:

  • Weekly and monthly global iGaming updates and best picks
  • Refurbished format of online casino reviews
  • Helpful tips for new players as well as experienced gamblers
  • Tons of stuff more that we’ll come up with that even we can’t classify in terms of awesomeness!

And yet, we won’t stop there! There’s plenty of more stuff coming from us that you’ll hear about when it’s all ripe. Until then – keep the conversation going and we’ll be back celebrating another feat when we reach the 150K!

“there’s plenty of more stuff coming from us”

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