Ancient Tumble by Relax Gaming Offers Exciting Rainforest Adventure

Back Ancient Tumble by Relax Gaming Offers Exciting Rainforest Adventure

Are you ready to delve deep into the mysterious Cambodian rainforest? Relax Gaming invites you on an exhilarating journey with its latest creation, Ancient Tumble. This isn't just another slot game—it's a thrilling adventure packed with innovative features and the potential to win big.

Unveiling the Game Mechanics

Ancient Tumble isn't shy about showing off its mechanics. One of the standout features is the unbreakable wilds. These wild symbols don't just sit there; they actively destroy symbols below them after each winning cascade. It's like watching a small earthquake on your screen, but instead of chaos, it brings potential wins as these wilds stick around for more action.

But that's not all—there are also coin symbols waiting to be uncovered. These little beauties can reveal wins from 1x to 25x your bet. And if you're lucky, there are coin multipliers waiting to boost those wins even further. It's like having a secret stash of treasures just waiting to be found.

What's an adventure without some freebies along the way? Ancient Tumble offers not one, not two, but five different Bonus Spin modes to keep the excitement flowing. Triggering these modes is where the real fun begins:

  • Classic Bonus Spins: Keep an eye out for multiplier and extra spin stone blocks. Destroy these bad boys, and you could snag up to three extra spins. It's like getting a bonus round within a bonus round—talk about double the fun!
  • Coin Bonus Spins: Here, it's all about the bling. Up to 14 coin stone blocks can appear on each spin, with coin multipliers boosting your haul. It's raining coins in the rainforest, and you're the one with the umbrella.
  • Colossal Bonus Spins: Have you ever seen symbols so big they barely fit on the reels? That's what you'll get here, with normal symbols blowing up to 5x5 in size. It's like having a giant payday waiting for you around every corner.
  • Multiplier Ladder Bonus Spins: Climb your way up the multiplier ladder with each winning spin. Reach the top, and you could be looking at multipliers up to x100. That's not just a win—that's a win with fireworks and confetti.

Special Features Galore

Ancient Tumble doesn't stop there. Random golden spins sprinkle even more excitement into the mix, increasing your chances of hitting it big when you least expect it. And if you manage to clear all those stone blocks? Get ready for the Super Bonus Spins extravaganza, where all the best features from regular Bonus Spins modes combine for a jackpot-worthy experience.

Can't wait to dive into those Bonus Spin modes? Relax Gaming understands. That's why it included a Buy Feature. Pay 50 times your bet, and you're instantly whisked away to Bonus Spin paradise. Want the ultimate experience? Splash out 400 times your bet for Super Bonus Spins and go straight for the gold.

Ancient Tumble isn't just another slot game—it's a full-blown rainforest adventure. With its innovative mechanics, multiple Free Spin modes that keep the adrenaline pumping, and enough special features to make any treasure hunter's heart skip a beat, it's a standout in Relax Gaming's lineup. Whether you're new to slots or a seasoned spinner, Ancient Tumble promises hours of excitement and the chance to win big. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your machete (metaphorically, of course) and get ready to conquer the reels in Ancient Tumble.

Shelley Hannah, CPO at Relax Gaming, said: “Ancient Tumble is the most feature-packed game in the entire Tumble series and we are absolutely thrilled to finally unleash it upon players. This highly anticipated release has been earmarked as our game of the year, and we can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction. We wanted to develop and deliver a game that offers audiences the ultimate power of choice when it comes to features, and we feel that this title offers that and so much more!”


''Relax Gaming welcomes players to the jungle in epic release Ancient Tumble'', June 25m 2024.

“Relax Gaming provides more than 4,000 online casino games”

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