Apparat Gaming Joins Forces with edict egaming for Wider Reach

April 23rd, 2024
Back Apparat Gaming Joins Forces with edict egaming for Wider Reach

In a development, for the casino industry Apparat Gaming, a game development studio based in Hamburg has announced an exciting partnership with edict egaming, a prominent aggregator in Germany and a subsidiary of the well known Merkur Group. This collaboration effective will bring Apparat Gaming’s casino games to a wider audience than ever before.

Bringing together quality slot games and top tier aggregation services Apparat Gaming has been gaining recognition in the industry with its growing collection of over 30 high quality slot titles. These games are known for their captivating themes and top notch design. Now they will be accessible to all operators who opt for edicts game aggregation services. This partnership is expected to benefit both companies as their customers.

Edicts aggregator platform, introduced in  2021 has already delivered content to than 150 operators. Handles an impressive volume of over 8.5 billion game rounds annually. By incorporating Apparat Gaming’s certified games into its esteemed portfolio edict is solidifying its position as a preferred choice, for operators seeking diverse and compelling gaming content.

Making Sure Everything Fits Together Smoothly

One of the benefits of this partnership is that Apparat Gaming’s game releases are fully, in line with the rules in Germany and have been certified for launch in various markets. This ensures that operators can seamlessly add these games to their platforms knowing they comply with all standards.

Edicts extensive experience in the industry being a leader in casinos since its founding in 1998 also guarantees an integration process. With support from the Merkur Group, which took over edict a decade after its inception the aggregator brings expertise and resources to the partnership.

Unique German Themed Slot Games with a Twist

Established in 2020 with offices in Berlin, Germany and Valletta, Malta Apparat Gaming has quickly gained recognition within the industry. The studio focuses on creating slot games with themes that blend exceptional artistic design with top notch engineering skills resulting in a portfolio that stands out.

Both Apparat Gaming and edict egaming have shown their enthusiasm for this collaboration with representatives from each company emphasizing the potential for success. The blend of Apparat Gaming’s top tier content and edicts reach and industry expertise is anticipated to deliver outcomes

Martin Frindt, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Apparat Gaming, said: “Given Apparat Gaming’s German roots, we’re delighted to be teaming up with a Hamburg-born business-like edict.”

Dominic-Daniel Lienard CEO at edict, said: “Since launching our aggregator solution, edict has compiled a stellar portfolio of releases from some of the top developers in Germany and beyond – and adding Apparat Gaming titles will strengthen this roster further.”


“Apparat Gaming and edict egaming announce partnership”,, April 22nd, 2024

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