Belatra Games Launches Axe of Fortune and Golden øks for Immersive Slot Experience!

Back Belatra Games Launches Axe of Fortune and Golden øks for Immersive Slot Experience!

Belatra Games has expanded its gaming portfolio with the release of two intriguing slot games, Axe of Fortune and Golden øks. Both games are set against the dramatic and icy backdrop of medieval Scandinavia, inviting players to explore snowy battlegrounds and chase after hidden treasures. Despite their shared theme, each game offers distinct mechanics and features, ensuring a unique experience for players.

Game Mechanics

Axe of Fortune presents a classic slot experience with its 5x3 reel setup and 10 fixed paylines. The fixed paylines are developed to provide a straightforward gaming experience, making it easy for players to understand where winning combinations can arise. This simplicity is appealing to both novice players and those who enjoy traditional slot mechanics.

In contrast, Golden øks features a more dynamic 5x3 reel layout with an impressive 243 ways to win. This design means that payouts are awarded for matching symbols on neighboring reels, significantly improving the potential for great wins. The game's setup caters to players who enjoy a more complex and engaging slot experience, with numerous ways to secure a payout on each spin.

Axe of Fortune spices up the gameplay with its unique bonus rounds. Landing 3 or 4 scatter symbols triggers the Axes bonus round, where punters can take advantage of win multipliers. For those lucky enough to land 5 scatter symbols, the Golden Axes bonus is activated, offering even greater rewards. 

Golden øks also offers compelling bonus features but with additional strategic elements. In this game, failing to meet targets in the bonus round doesn't spell the end. Players can opt to buy an extra axe, thereby improving their chances of success. On top of this, the game includes a "+25% to the bet" feature, which increases the bet by 25% while doubling the chances of triggering the bonus rounds. This feature caters to players who enjoy taking calculated risks to enhance their gaming experience.

Extra Features - Control and Strategy

In Golden øks, players can spice up their gameplay with the Buy Bonus feature, granting them direct access to bonus rounds. This level of control lets players strategize and seize opportunities as they see fit, injecting a thrilling sense of strategy and anticipation into the game.

Moving on to the games themselves, Axe of Fortune and Golden øks take players on distinct journeys through ancient Scandinavia, catering to different gaming preferences.

Axe of Fortune is a cozy retreat for fans of classic slots, boasting simple mechanics and fixed paylines. Its familiar gameplay and traditional bonuses create a comfortable, nostalgic vibe that's perfect for players seeking a laid-back slot experience.

On the flip side, Golden øks is a wild ride for those craving dynamic and interactive gameplay. With its 243 ways to win, the enticing "+25% to the bet" feature, and the option to dive straight into bonus rounds, "Golden øks" offers a deeper, more immersive experience. The strategic depth and freedom to purchase bonuses make it a hit among players who relish control and excitement in their gaming adventures.

’’ Both games from Belatra Games promise an immersive journey through Scandinavian legends. Whether you prefer the classic charm of "Axe of Fortune" or the innovative thrills of "Golden øks" prepare to wield your axe and carve your path to fortune and glory.’’

Belatra Games has crafted two remarkable slot games that transport players to the epic landscapes of medieval Scandinavia. Whether you are drawn to the classic charm and simplicity of Ax of Fortune or the innovative and strategic gameplay of Golden øks, both games promise an exciting and immersive journey. Players are invited to wield their axes, explore the icy realms, and carve their paths to fortune and glory. With their unique features and captivating themes, these titles are poised to become favorites among slot enthusiasts! 


''Clash of the Northern Legends: A Tale of Two Scandinavian Slot Games'', May 20, 2024.

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