BetMGM Refuses to Pay Out $3M Win to Woman Due to Glitch

June 26th, 2021
Back BetMGM Refuses to Pay Out $3M Win to Woman Due to Glitch

One woman from Michigan has just claimed BetMGM Casino is refusing to pay out $3 million in winnings. According to the words of Jacqueline Davis from Detroit, she scored the prize on the Luck O' the Roulette game, after getting hooked on gambling. Based on the casino announcement, there was a glitch and there are no reasonable grounds for the payout.

What Actually Happened

Jacqueline Davis placed an initial bet on March 18 and quickly spent five days online at the BetMGM Casino. The continuous betting action even affected her sleep. She chose the BetMGM's St. Patrick's inspired game "Luck O' the Roulette". It works as a "fixed odds betting game based on roulette." Based on its rules, a ball should land on one of the numbered pockets or in the pot bet slots. If the bettor wagers on a slot where the ball lands, they claim a payout.

During five days of unstoppable gambling action, Davis was up $11 million before she ended the game with a $3 million award. She said:

"When it got to the three, I wanted to start withdrawing." and also mentioned:

“Who sleeps when they're winning money."

Based on Davis’ words, her winnings were a considerable increase from the $50 bet that she initially placed and gradually increased over the following five days. The maximum value she had on the table was $5,000. The player then turned to MGM to get a $100,000 advance on her winnings and found out that the total sum will not be paid because of a glitch.

Case in the Lawyer’s Hands

According to the words of Davis’ lawyer, David Steingold, there may have been a glitch, but it was not an acceptable defense and the company should have ensured the game was working normally.

He added:

"They were instructed by regulation to check this every single night, every 24 hours. And my client played for five straight days."

He also wants to know how much money the casino has already made on the "Luck O' the Roulette" and the policy behind the game. His question was very clear:

“Did everybody who lost money get the money back?"

MGM has already offered a settlement to Davis, allowing her to keep the $100,000 if she signs a confidentiality agreement that the alleged "glitch" will not be disclosed in public. Otherwise, she would have to pay back the money and cover the company's costs.


“Casino Refuses to Pay Out $3M Win Over Game 'Glitch,' Woman Says”,, June 23, 2021.

“BetMGM Casino is refusing to pay out $3 million in winnings.”

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