Betsoft Presents Revolutionary Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

October 31st, 2018
Back Betsoft Presents Revolutionary Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

Betsoft Gaming has announced the launch of a new action-packed, multiplayer adventure on November 2nd. Max Quest: Wrath of Ra will be the first slot to really shake the industry in a while.

The game was built in Betsoft’s traditional cross-platform SHIFT development environment, which translates into superb experience across all devices.

A New Kind of Slot

Both the concept and the gameplay of Max Quest are novel. The studio's marketing director, Annamaria Anastasi, explains:

“Max Quest is more than just Betsoft’s marquee release for 2018; it’s an entirely unique proposition. Our team of artists, designers, developers, marketers and other experts have created an experience that, I believe, stands apart from anything the iGaming industry has seen before.”

Anastasi added that the combination of RNG gaming, video gaming, and social elements is definitely going to create a new kind of product – one with genuine crossover appeal with more advanced, sticky social features, and a deep, enduring sense of player progression.

“Max Quest has fulfilled that ambition and more and I am immensely proud of the finished product. From its high-octane gameplay to its console-grade graphics and animations, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is ready to redefine what casino gaming can be – by capturing and holding the attention of both traditional slots players and all-new demographics.”

Company of Adventurers

The game will see players look for ancient treasures buried beneath the Egyptian sands. In this quest, they will not be alone! A band of battle-scarred treasure hunters will help them conquer legions of monsters and apparitions…

And there is a tomb seal to keep in mind, too!

Think in terms of scarab-mutants, re-animated mummies, and vengeful pharaohs’ spirits.

How do the players triumph?

Well, there’s a mastermind behind the scenes. Meet the “multi-talented rogue” Brock Ryder, leader of the company of technical experts, weapons specialists, and navigators...

As stated above, Max Quest: WoR is a multiplayer game, which means that all those veterans are role-played by actual players, not NPCs. The idea is to bring forth a good deal of cooperation as well as competition. In plain words: an entirely new experience for both seasoned casino audiences and casual gamers.

Fundamental Changes

On top of the RPG approach, the latest slot project also redefines the very fundamentals of iGaming. The title replaces the reels and symbols that have long defined traditional gameplay with an “interactive, all-action shooting experience”. The spin button is replaced by crosshairs and the paylines - with bullets paying out at random.

Players will also confront minions and bosses of different levels. It goes without saying that they will need special weapons for high-level phantoms...

“A Revolutionary Step”

The slot represents a “revolutionary step” since it unites online casino experience, social gaming, and video gaming. Players will get to customize their avatars, boast their achievements in an exclusive trophy cabinet, and earn XP (experience points) just like real-life role players. Similar to the RPG genre, there are milestones and prizes for XP to be attained.

Lastly, the blockbuster is designed to “both surprise and satisfy dedicated slot players” and it serves as an inspiration to console and mobile gamesters who haven’t yet ventured into real-money gaming.

In the words of the makers, the slot “brings the thrill of real-money roaring to life for a wider audience – without excluding faithful slot players.”


“Unearth a Revolution in Gaming with MAX QUEST: WRATH OF RA”,, October 28th, 2018.

“Max Quest: Wrath of Ra will be the first slot to really shake the industry”

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