Bitblox Receives Approval to Supply Crypto-Based Games to Isle of Man Licensed Operators

Back Bitblox Receives Approval to Supply Crypto-Based Games to Isle of Man Licensed Operators

In a notable step forward, Bitblox, an emerging provider of price prediction games, has secured approval from the Gambling Supervision Committee (GSC). This approval authorizes Bitblox to distribute its innovative gaming content to all Isle of Man-licensed businesses, marking a significant milestone for the company as it seeks to bring crypto-based betting to a wider audience.

GSC Licensing, A Stamp of Excellence

The Gambling Supervision Committee, highly regarded in the iGaming industry, is known for its stringent standards and rigorous oversight. Bitblox obtaining a license from the GSC is a testament to the company's compliance with high regulatory standards. This approval not only enhances Bitblox's credibility but also opens up new market opportunities by allowing it to share its games with operators and aggregators within the Isle of Man's regulated framework.

Bitblox's approval means that Isle of Man-licensed brands can now access a new range of engaging crypto-based betting games. The company's portfolio includes:

Up or Down - Players predict whether a cryptocurrency's price will rise or fall over a 60-second interval.

Up or Down Turbo - A faster version where players make predictions over a 20-second interval.

3 in a Row - This game allows users to combine three consecutive predictions for potentially higher rewards.

BitSlap - Featuring fun characters who battle it out at the end of the betting round, adding a playful twist to the prediction format.

These games are currently available in a pool betting format, providing a fast-paced and entertaining experience. Players, whether seasoned crypto enthusiasts or newcomers, can easily engage with these prediction-based games.

User-Friendly and Engaging

One of Bitblox's key objectives is to make crypto-based betting accessible to a wider audience. The games' simple mechanics—predicting price movements—are easy to grasp, while the short time frames keep the action lively and engaging. This combination of simplicity and excitement is designed to attract both crypto-savvy users and those new to the digital currency world.

Bitblox has ambitious plans to further enrich its gaming offerings. The company intends to introduce both free-to-play and real money tournaments, adding a social dimension to its games. These tournaments will allow players to compete against each other, enhancing engagement and community interaction. By incorporating these elements, Bitblox aims to create a more dynamic and interactive gaming environment.

For operators licensed in the Isle of Man, Bitblox's new range of games offers a fresh and engaging addition to their existing line-ups. The innovative nature of these games can help operators differentiate themselves in a competitive market, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Additionally, games like BitSlap offer branding opportunities, allowing operators to customize characters and themes to align with their marketing strategies.

The approval from the Gambling Supervision Committee is a significant achievement for Bitblox, positioning the company to expand its influence in the iGaming sector. By gaining access to the Isle of Man's regulated market, Bitblox can now bring its unique and engaging crypto-based games to a wider audience. This move underscores the company's commitment to innovation and regulatory excellence.

As Bitblox continues to develop and expand its offerings, it is well-positioned to become a key player in the growing intersection of cryptocurrency and online gaming. The company's focus on creating accessible and entertaining games, combined with its strategic regulatory approvals, sets the stage for sustained growth and success in the dynamic iGaming industry.

Brandt Page, CEO at Bitblox, said: "Here at Bitblox we're attempting to introduce an entirely new form of crypto-based betting to the iGaming industry, so having our titles certified by the Isle of Man's GSC is obviously a huge step forward in terms of what we're hoping to achieve. With this new certification now in place, we'll be able to offer our unique games to operators and aggregators based in all countries covered by the IOM license, meaning players of all experience levels will be able to use an appealing mix of skill and luck as they try to profit from the markets."


''Bitblox acquires Isle of Man gaming licence'' Press Release. July 02, 2024.

“Bitblox will now be able to share its full range of titles with operators and aggregators working in any of the markets covered by the certification”

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