Bitsler's Daily XP Contest: Join to Flex Gaming Skills and Climb the Ranks!

July 18th, 2023
Back Bitsler's Daily XP Contest: Join to Flex Gaming Skills and Climb the Ranks!

Bitsler, the popular crypto online gaming platform, has recently announced the launch of its highly anticipated Daily XP Contest.

All gaming enthusiasts from around the world are invited to showcase their skills and battle for a chance to win a share of the impressive $1,000 prize pool.

How to Enter Daily XP

Running from the 15th to the 30th of July at Bitsler Casino, the Daily XP Contest offers players a thrilling opportunity to engage in a variety of captivating Bitsler games.

Participants will need to accumulate as much XP as possible during the daily contests to secure their spot on the leaderboard and compete for the coveted cash rewards.

With a diverse selection of qualifying games such as Twist, Keno, Boom, Ultimate Poker, Plinko, Fruitsler, Mines, Blackjack, Roulette, Blast, Crypto Thugs, Baccarat, and more, players can choose their preferred challenges and put their gaming prowess to the test.

The rules are simple:

Each daily contest runs from 00:01 UTC to 23:59 UTC, and players must earn as much XP as they can during this period to vie for the top positions. As the competition intensifies, the pressure is on for the top 10 players who will walk away with the following rewards:

1st Place: $300

2nd Place: $200

3rd Place: $132

4th Place: $94

5th Place: $76

6th Place: $60

7th Place: $46

8th Place: $34

9th Place: $34

10th Place: $24

To ensure transparency and to keep track of progress, participants can monitor the leaderboard regularly and see where they stand in the race for supremacy. The excitement is intense as players push their limits, knowing that each XP earned is vital in their quest for victory…

We're thrilled to launch the Daily XP Contest and provide our passionate community with an opportunity to showcase their gaming skills,” said the spokesperson of Bitsler.

Moreover, as the Daily XP Contest reaches its thrilling climax, winners can expect their rewards to be paid out within 24 hours of the promotion's end. Therefore, join the action today at Bitsler and let the world bear witness to your gaming skills!

Bitsler Coin Challenge

As a prominent player in the world of cryptocurrency, Bitsler Casino has established itself as one of the premier crypto-supporting casinos in the industry.

With a commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for its players through our Member Rewards, they also introduced the exciting BTSLR token, allowing all players to claim it for free.

This opens up the opportunity to participate in the highly engaging Bitsler Coin Challenge, where the objective is to collect as many coins as possible, with two resets each day.

By taking advantage of BTSLR, players position themselves ahead of the game for the upcoming future of the coin that Bitsler Casino has in store.

The platform's dedication to innovation and rewarding its community ensures that players can expect even more thrilling experiences, so stay tuned for further announcements from the operator and play responsibly!

“gaming enthusiasts from around the world are invited to showcase their skills”

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