Booming Games Launches Ultimate Hold 'N' Win Slot Featuring Innovative Mechanics

Back Booming Games Launches Ultimate Hold 'N' Win Slot Featuring Innovative Mechanics

Booming Games has launched its latest slot game, Ultimate Hold 'N' Win™, capturing the essence of the Las Vegas Strip with a jazz-infused soundtrack. This new release promises to bring all the excitement and glamor of Vegas to players around the world.

An Overview of Ultimate Hold 'N' Win™

Ultimate Hold 'N' Win™ is a visually captivating 5x3, 20 payline video slot, loaded with engaging features aimed at providing an exhilarating gaming experience. The game is designed to appeal to both novice players and seasoned slot enthusiasts, with its combination of traditional slot mechanics and innovative new features.

One of the standout features of Ultimate Hold 'N' Win™ is the Bursting Wilds. When these symbols appear, they trigger an expansion of the locked reel rows, transforming the game from a 5x3 grid to a 5x5 grid, and increasing the number of paylines from 20 to 30. This expansion not only offers more winning opportunities but also enhances the visual appeal of the game as the Wilds burst and turn entire reels into Wild symbols.

The core of the game is the Hold 'N' Win feature, activated by landing three Bonus symbols on the reels. This feature initiates three re-spins, which are played on the expanded 5x5 grid. The re-spins reset each time a value symbol lands, creating an ongoing cycle that keeps players on the edge of their seats. Additionally, a Collect symbol gathers all value symbols on the grid and clears them, making room for new symbols and potentially larger wins.

A unique element that sets Ultimate Hold 'N' Win™ apart from other slot games is the Unlimited Win Multiplier. This feature increases the multiplier by +1 after each winning re-spin, up to a maximum of 10x. This innovative mechanic, being the first of its kind in a Hold and Win slot, adds a significant layer of excitement and potential for substantial payouts.

Booming Games has crafted Ultimate Hold 'N' Win™ to be more than just a traditional slot game. The inclusion of multiple features ensures that gameplay remains dynamic and engaging. The Bursting Wilds and Grid Expansion keep players invested as they anticipate the transformation of the reels, while the Hold 'N' Win feature maintains a high level of excitement with its re-spin mechanics.

The Unlimited Win Multiplier, in particular, offers a progressive element that encourages prolonged play. Players are likely to remain engaged as they aim to maximize their multipliers and achieve larger wins. This persistent growing multiplier is a testament to Booming Games' commitment to innovation and player satisfaction.

Market Position and Player Appeal

Ultimate Hold 'N' Win™ is poised to make a significant impact in the online gaming market. Booming Games has strategically designed this slot to attract a broad audience, from casual gamers looking for a bit of fun to serious slot players seeking substantial rewards. The game's combination of visually appealing graphics, engaging features, and the allure of the Las Vegas Strip creates a compelling package that is likely to resonate with a wide range of players.

Booming Games' Ultimate Hold 'N' Win™ is a remarkable addition to the world of online slot games. Its array of features, including Bursting Wilds, Grid Expansion, the Hold 'N' Win feature, and the Unlimited Win Multiplier, ensures a rich and varied gaming experience. Set against the backdrop of the iconic Las Vegas Strip and enhanced by a jazz soundtrack, this game captures the thrill and glamor of Vegas in a unique and engaging way.

As players delve into the vibrant world of Ultimate Hold 'N' Win™, they can expect a blend of traditional slot elements and innovative features that keep the gameplay exciting and rewarding. Whether for a brief escape or a longer gaming session, Ultimate Hold 'N' Win™ offers an enticing experience that is sure to captivate and entertain.

Moritz Blume, Director of Product at Booming Games said: "We know that players love the classic fruit slot games and Ultimate Hold 'N' Win is taking this concept and turbo charging the entertainment value. From the fantastically designed graphics that our team have worked so hard on, to the many engaging features that players have come to expect from Booming Games – this video slot has it all and what better place to bring the game to life, than in Vegas Baby .”


''Viva Las Vegas with the new game from Booming Games – Ultimate Hold ‘N’ Win™''. press release. June 06, 2024.

“The Hold ‘N’ Win feature is triggered by landing 3 Bonus symbols and this feature initiates 3 re-spins, and is always played at the 5x5 grid”

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