CasinoCoin Kicks Off In Regulated Gambling Industry

September 27th, 2017
Back CasinoCoin Kicks Off In Regulated Gambling Industry

Open-source cryptocurrency platform, CasinoCoin, which uses peer-to-peer protocol specifically developed for the regulated online gambling industry, has been RELAUNCHED, and now focuses towards a broader audience. Double C Foundation will support the expansion of the platform from the Isle of Man, as its new owner.

Operators and customers are to experience the best standards in the industry, due to newly developed features of the cryptocurrency, such as KYC and AML, respectively better options targeted at responsible gaming and experience.

The Foundation actively promotes benefits and technological advances of the platform, especially in the realm of regulated gambling markets, which is to enhance the overall performance of the currency and its elemental use.

The non-profitable organization counts many professionals on its team, including marketing executives and senior project managers of development and research (PokerStars and RG Duncan Cameron), who are by far the most educated for further implementation and advertising of digital currency in general. The team will also be supported by executives, lawyers and other consultants, who work in the gambling industry.

The currency and CSC can prosper in two ways, according to John Caldwell, director of advocacy at CasinoCoin: by working closely with operators and regulators. The final aim is to bring the currency closer to ordinary players, by using prime technical tools.

Its reintroduction to the industry will play a crucial role in setting up the coin’s future direction. The Foundation is making all preparations for a more transferable and open environment, and the offer is going to include both individual as well as corporate memberships.

CSC is being continually developed as a currency, primarily with legal, regulated online gambling establishments. Its developers aim at creating features that would put all operators and gambling customers first, and this includes strategies such as Know your customer, Anti-money laundering and Responsible Gambling – which represent the sole basics for any business.

“The Foundation actively promotes benefits and technological advances of the platform”

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