Casoo Casino Representative Travels Across Galaxies and Lands on LCB's Direct Support Forum

July 29th, 2019
Back Casoo Casino Representative Travels Across Galaxies and Lands on LCB's Direct Support Forum

2019 is the year of Casoo Casino, that much is certain! Having been launched merely months ago, this unique online casino has quickly gained a substantial following thanks to its original concept of world exploring (gamification) and a wonderfully executed space theme.

It is no wonder, then, that within the space (pun intended, unfortunately) of merely seven days, this place has made a double entry into LCB – first, by becoming an integral part of Member Rewards and now by sending us their intergalactic casino representative, Gerard – who definitely comes in peace!

Interstellar Overdrive

As is custom, Casoo has got its own designated thread over on our Direct Casino Support forum...

...and it can be found on THIS link. Over there, as you'll see, Gerard has already posted an introductory note:

“Hello everyone!

I am Gerard, your friendly galactic assistant and would like to say that we at Casoo are very excited about joining the LCB community! To ease your space-faring journey on Casoo, I will assist you with any questions or troubles you may have during your adventures on our casino.

Shortly about our casino - Casoo is a recently established online casino, delivering a refreshing and cosmic gaming experience. With over 3000 games and more than 30 game providers, the stars are at arms reach for all daring intergalactic adventurers. So, ready your engines, hop on board, and get ready for lift-off - it is time to explore new corners of the universe at Casoo!”

One way to communicate with our extraterrestrial support expert is to, naturally, address your concerns on the very thread. But if you're up for more of a close encounter, you can also send him a direct message!

Gaming Multiverse

Launched in May 2019, Casoo is a place of gambling purveyance that is eager to leave its mark on iGaming industry – and, at this pace, it most certainly will! You can read why in our review of the casino – but below is the condensed version for anyone with a lack of time on their hands or a short attention span.

Besides having a massive gaming platform and being open-minded towards cryptocurrencies, it has daily and weekly freeroll tournaments, mystery prizes and all bonuses come with reasonably low wagering requirements.

But what really sets it apart by a mile, are its gamification features such as unlocking levels, exploring worlds and getting random rewards. This is most prominently displayed in the casino's loyalty program, in which players level up by collecting loyalty crystals and getting perks such as weekend reload bonuses, extra spins and more!

So Young and So Rewarding

Only a couple of days ago, the online venue became a part of LCB Member Rewards...

...meaning that it's already open for all our players and members who wish to discover the place AND gain a $3 LCB chip that they can spend and redeem at our Shop! So, if there ever was a good way of getting to know a new casino, this is it.

There you go – head over to the Direct Support thread and say hi to Gerard! He will be more than glad to keep in touch with our members and partake in everyday discussions here at our forums.

“2019 is the year of Casoo Casino”

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