Dutch Gambling Authority Battles Abuse of Minors

January 13th, 2018
Back Dutch Gambling Authority Battles Abuse of Minors

Dutch Gaming Authority has set their priorities for the next two years: to combat the efforts of predatory gambling operators who are offering their services to underage players. This is revealed in Netherland’s regulator’s Supervisory Agenda 2018-2019, which was published on their website this past Monday.

These preventive measures are revisited because underage gambling continues to be an issue in the Netherlands, but more severely, minors are likely to be targeted by socially irresponsible operators. Therefore, the Gambling Authority (Kansspelautoriteit) will be monitoring the state of the youngest and most vulnerable part of the Dutch society.

In the agenda, it is also stated that certain operators, mostly those not licensed in the country, are violating the rules regarding exposing minors to gambling service advertising – hinting that some of these operators are, in fact, exposing gambling to young people deliberately and knowingly. Other operators, whose ads are seen by minors, will need to address the lack of age controls. Kansspelautoriteit will explore their options and ways in which these issues can be addressed so that the number of underage individuals in jeopardy dramatically declines.

Kansspelautoriteit will also battle the ongoing problems of people who become victims of gambling addiction by identifying operators that do not address this issue properly and who do not have sufficient self-exclusion measures in place. The Dutch Gambling authority was, in recent years, taking a much less tolerant stance towards unlicensed operators – this is expected to either remain the same or even toughen in coming years.

“identifying operators that do not address this issue”

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