Cherry Affiliates - Interview about Cherry Casino, SpilleAutomater, EuroSlots and EuroLotto

December 5th, 2014
Back Cherry Affiliates - Interview about Cherry Casino, SpilleAutomater, EuroSlots and EuroLotto

The ladies of Cherry Affiliates were kind enough to talk with LCB at the BAC. They gave us some good info on the brands, which include Cherry Casino, SpilleAutomater, EuroSlots and EuroLotto.

1. Which of your brands has the highest number of players?

Cherry Casino

2. What do you believe is the secret to the success of your brands?

I think it’s the experience we’ve got. Cherry Casino has been offline in Sweden for 50 years, they started it in 1963. We’ve also got 10 years online experience and we know the markets that we target, Sweden, Finland and Germany.

3. Which software seems to be most popular among your players?

For our players it’s NetEnt. The graphics are fun, they’ve got good game releases and the branded games are really cool but Microgaming is a close second. They’ve starting bringing out some really good games. Games that are more new, not many people have them and we have get quite good exclusive deals.

4. Why should players be loyal to your brands?

I think the fact that we run monthly promotions a little bit different that most other brands. We do a lot of offline work, a lot of direct mails to keep them interested and offer more fun promotions like we send them a post card and they have to send back their holiday snaps and things like that which is a bit more engaging and a bit more nongaming. We also offer matched deposits and free spins so we’re very interactive.


5. Do you focus on a specific market?

Our main focus, just because of our heritage, is the Nordic market – so Sweden, Norway and Finland but we’re open to most markets and emerging markets as well. We’re looking into the Balkans and Eastern Europe and that will be our focus for next year.

6. What is done to remain competitive in the online casino market?

New offers, different offers. We have just recently redone all our welcome offers for Cherry Casino so rather than having just the one first deposit offer, we’ve got a choice of 16 over their first four deposits. It’s working really well so it means that they know that they always get something whether it’s free spins or matched deposits for Cherry and that’s something that we’re rolling out across all brands as well.

7. Where are your Live Casino games streaming from?

We use NetEnt with the live dealers streaming from Malta.

8. Are there any new game releases planned for the near future?

We’ve just launched South Park: Reel Chaos, we’ve got some more lottery scratchcards coming onboard as well for EuroLotto and Game of Thrones, which is the next biggie, in November.

9. Which promotions are most successful across your brands?

Players love the free spins. We run a promotion in the summer time where we send direct mails with cut outs and they have to send back pics using it as a frame, send it back to us and get free spins on certain games. It’s really popular and we had about 3,000 sent back to us of the ones we sent out.

10. Sum up all that your brands have to offer players in just a few words.

Safety, security but with a twist. We like to have fun with our players. We like to offer them something more than what our competitors offer and we like to think outside of the box a little bit more. It sounds really markety but we want to see our players come back and back and back. We want to surprise them each time and don’t want the same offer each and every month. We want them to come back to our site and see a new campaign page and see something new.

“We like to have fun with our players”

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