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November 30th, 2015
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'My fraternity brothers and I plan to spend Spring Break in Las Vegas,' Steve W. writes from Alabama. 'We're going to party and have a blast. Since you are an experienced gambler, I have two questions: what gambling game wins money the quickest, and what advice can you give us to be safe? We don't want to lose all our money too fast.'

Steve's question makes me smile. On one hand, he wants to know what game will produce the most money fastest, and on the other he wants to know how he and his buddies can protect their modest bankrolls.

Well, Steve, first of all, let me congratulate you for being a college student. I'm sure college hasn't changed that much from when I studied journalism at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Party, crack books, study for exams, party. Did I mention party?

Anyhow, you and your fraternity brothers are planning to spend Spring Break in the city that never sleeps. Since this sounds like your first trip to Las Vegas, I would suggest you spend your first night partying. Forget the gambling until you get a feeling for Las Vegas.

The game I would recommend as the fastest way to make money is dice.

I say this because you give me no indication as to your gaming skills. Without having the rudimentary knowledge of poker, you would not have much of a chance of winning at Texas Hold'em or seven card stud. You could give poker a try, but don't invest too much of your money at the game.

Dice is different. You and your friends could pony up $5 each for a total investment off around $30. Place a $5 bet behind the 'come' line and have one of your brothers be the shooter.


Whatever you roll as the point, put wagers on numbers five, six, eight and none. Then start rolling and hope you don't roll a seven.

Each time you hit one of your numbers, press or double the bet. If you are in luck, you will be able to roll anywhere from seven to 10 numbers before you seven out. Hopefully before you roll that seven, you'll hit your point and be able to start all over again.

You might do a Google search on controlled rolls. There is some good information published on how to set the dice for a controlled roll and reduce your chances of tossing a seven.

Just remember that when you roll that seven, all the money you have on the table will be lost to the House. When that happens, you just have to make another $30 investment and try again.

As for the second part of your question, there is no real way to stay safe in gambling. You need the courage of a tiger and a little Lady Luck to tilt the odds in your favor. Life is a gamble and when you are in Las Vegas, you are on your own. Good luck. Let me know the results of your journey when you get back to cracking the books.

“The game I would recommend as the fastest way to make money is dice”

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