Experienced Gamblers Know One Must to Train Regularly to Maintain a High Level

December 3rd, 2015
Back Experienced Gamblers Know One Must to Train Regularly to Maintain a High Level

Casinos and gambling have become a way of life for a growing number of Americans.

The great American pastime used to be baseball. Families would either load up the car and head to the stadium to watch their favorite team play, or they would gather around the radio or television set to watch the game.

Today with the proliferation of Indian-owned and state-regulated casinos operating around the country, casinos have replaced baseball as a favored place to relax. Casino management makes it even more attractive by providing perks to draw the public through their doors. Once management gets you on their email or mailing list, be prepared to be inundated with offers of free money for slot or table play, free buffets and discount or free rooms.

While a small percentage of gamblers understand the true odds against their winning at games like blackjack, keno, slots, baccarat, dice or poker, the average person doesn't know he is facing a stacked deck.

There are ways, of course, of increasing your odds of winning. Veteran casino goers learn some of those methods. However, the vast majority of the public rely on chance and luck. When the monthly retirement or Social Security check is added to their account, it's goodbye reason, hello casino, and the people do this month after month.

I am not trying to discourage people from playing their favorite casino games. But doesn't it make sense for you to train to beat the casinos at their own game?


With the advent of the Internet, knowledge of the odds at any casino game are at your fingertips. You can go on-line and do a Google search to discover the real odds against your earning a profit at any of the gambling games available to you.

There are classes you can attend to learn from trained instructors how to handicap the horses, play poker or blackjack, or even to play the slots. Gambling magazines are mostly free and you can find these classes simply by leafing through the publications.

Professional golfers and tennis players know how to play the game, but even they find it profitable to hire an instructor to firm up their game. I think it would be wise for the average casino goer to do the same.

Casinos provide an adult DisneyWorld for people who like to gamble. Most of them operate 24 hours per day, and they are people friendly. You'll rarely find a casino host who doesn't greet you with a smile.

Start studying the games off chance you like to play. Your public library has books like Edward Thorp's 'Beat The Dealer,' which offers an excellent strategy for blackjack. Poker legends like Doyle Brunson have written books giving away many of their poker secrets. There are books on horse and sports handicapping that are available for your use.

Don't be left in the dark. Learn the odds. Protect your bankroll.. That's what gambling is all about. Train to win. You'll improve your chances of beating the casino. Let me know the results.

“Casinos provide an adult DisneyWorld for people who like to gamble”

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