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June 2nd, 2019
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Are you having problems with your no limit game? Are you on a losing streak that just WON'T quit?

I have a SOLUTION for you. It's easy, it's cost-free, and it works:

Try playing limit poker.

All veteran poker players understand that no limit poker is fraught with dangers. You can have a tower of chips in front of you and then, in a blinding moment when you make a wrong decision...

...they can vanish. To make matters worse, it can repeat itself and suddenly - your bankroll is GONE.

Not only does this toss a damper on you as a poker player, it makes you apprehensive about any hopes you have of winning in your next session.

I was on a bit of a losing streak after playing a few sessions at pot-limit Omaha High-Low, eight or better. The game is exciting and you can win a lot of money quickly. But you can also lose and therein lies the problem.


...I happen to be a stubborn Taurus Italian. There I was waiting for a seat to open in a pot limit game at BestBet card room in Jacksonville, FL. when one of the floor men walked up to me.

he said. "Do you want it until you can join the pot limit game?"

Limit poker?

At first, I thought of saying NO, but after hesitating for a couple of seconds I thought, "Why not?" I took it and bought in for $100.

I quickly lost about $40. Then I hit a couple of hands and suddenly had $160 in chips. My pile of chips kept building and almost before I knew it, I was up about $300.

When a seat opened in the pot limit game, I took my winnings and moved. By 10 p.m., I was over $1,000 ahead.

It was so easy, my head swam.

There is a lot of pressure in no limit or pot limit poker, and unless you are ready for that pressure, you probably won't do well.

Let's compare this situation to swimming:

If you approach a new swimming hole or a pool, you may want to test the water with your big toe before you jump in. That is what happens when you start out your session with limit poker.

When I first started playing poker, most of the tournaments were limit. You bought in for anywhere from $25 to $50 in those early days and if you lost your chips, you just bought in again. In those early years...

...there were unlimited rebuys for the first hour. Once I made nine rebuys before I won the tournament. It cost me $180 but I won over $1,200!

I realize today's poker players are young, aggressive and fearless when it comes to tossing out those chips. Most of the younger players have never played limit poker. Sad but true. They don't know what they are missing.

Here is my suggestion

Talk to your poker room manager and request that they add limit poker to the daily games. If enough of you make this request, it will happen. That is a guarantee! Poker room management wants to please the customers and if enough of us speak up, we will get it.

I would even like to see more casinos start spreading limit poker tournaments with smaller buy-ins. Give the players fewer chips and allow them unlimited rebuys for the first hour. That will increase the prize payoff and make it easier for players with a small bankroll to get involved in the tournament action.

No limit and pot limit poker is fun, exciting and profitable. But so is limit poker if it is handled right.

Good luck. Let the games begin!

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