Hit And Run

April 8th, 2019
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Hit and run is a serious charge and nobody in his right mind would want to be accused of it in today's world!

If it involves a car, you could go to jail for the offense. But in a gambling casino...

...hit and run is not only legal but in many cases, gamblers practice it as a way to make money.

Let's say you enter a casino with a plan to play blackjack or 21. You come upon a blackjack table that has several players and watch their action.

You watch the way the cards fall and note that several fives and no aces fall in the first half dozen hands. You also notice that most of the dealt cards are small cards (not 10 vale).

This means that the deck or decks are ace rich and five poor, a good time for you to bet. So you sit down at the table and put out two sizable bets. You hit a blackjack on one hand, and a 20 on the other, winning both bets. You repeat your action and win another two bets when you are dealt good hands.


You scoop up your winnings and leave.

Hit and run.

You leave the blackjack table and move over to a dice pit. The players have been shouting so you know somebody has been on a good run. Sure enough, the player who is throwing the dice sets them before a role.

He knows about controlled rolls and is on a rush, so you jump into the game and place bets on the five, six, eight and nine. He rolls a six, you collect. Then he rolls an eight, and you scoop up your winnings.

You stay with the roller until he sevens out and then you leave. Hit and run.

In poker, hit and run does not work.

While you can strike early and win a few big pots after sitting down, you can't just pick up your chips and leave. If you do, you will not be permitted to play in the same game for at least an hour in most poker rooms. This rule is in place to keep players from hitting and running.

Hit and run tactics work in certain games. They are fun to use and I recommend that you utilize them, but do it sparingly. When other players spot you as a hit and run player, they will become wary of you and your reputation will precede you to the table.

I think hit and run strategy works especially well at a blackjack game. First, you are contending with a shoe that contains six or more decks. The presence of fives in the deck hurts the average player, while the presence of aces and high cards helps you.

If you sit down at an ace rich blackjack table and the dealer decides to shuffle up, simply smile and leave the table. That is your right.

The House won't like it but you are there to WIN.

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