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December 21st, 2016
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Recently someone on our LCB team was playing NetEnt table blackjack and Evolution live dealer blackjack simultaneously at two different casinos. To keep the adrenaline pumped amid idol time between hands at the live game which tends to be pretty slow, the standard table filled the void perfectly. Playing $100 per hand he felt like a small fish next to a whale betting a whopping $40,000 a hand. That is one of the perks for high roller players and here the low roller thought $100 wagers were too steep!

Right in mid hand the absolute unfathomable happens out of the blue (literally) his computer blue screened and crashed in what was a never before experience. The timing couldn’t be worse but fortunately, the live game assumed it was a stand on his 10, 9 and won the hand. However, the regular table game paused the game waiting for a stand or hit decision. Which leads to the question - what are the benefits in live vs regular gameplay?


Live Dealer Blackjack

Regardless if there were no possibility of live blackjack having any genuine advantages, the reality is there are always some players who have a inclination for it. The most obvious reason is playing in real-time is the elbow to elbow atmosphere to other players. It is the next best thing to playing in your favorite local casino and that is tough to top.

Through the sheer magic of the web and live streaming, it is broadcast from a studio or at an actual land based casino floor. Part of the allure are the gorgeous professional female dealers that attract players and are easy on the eyes especially when you lose a hand or three to her! The capacity to converse with the dealer or address an issue and need to speak to a supervisor the pit boss is readily available.

It is the most contemporary approach to play and in light of what is played in real time it enables the player to view every aspect of gameplay leaving less doubt for the legitimacy of each hand. The interaction gives a true sense of playing in a Vegas-style setting except for one thing – the audio. Some studios have that “canned” noise in the background to emulate the unique sounds heard in the brick and mortar establishments but can’t quite measure up.


Regular Table Games Better?

While you won’t have the same action packed adventure you would have in a live dealer experience there are a few advantages that will have you jumping back to the other side of regular gameplay. One of the prevalent reasons is game choice.

It as if the sky is the limit in variety particularly for blackjack, roulette and poker variants plus baccarat and craps. Players on a budget will appreciate lower minimum stake games.

If you are a bonus hunter you most likely want to stick to the regular tables where bonuses and promotional offers tend to run more rampant.

Before settling in on making the decision where to place your chips on a virtual or a live table contemplate the differences, weigh the options and consider what your optimal preferences are first.

“a whopping $40,000 a hand”

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