Saving Player Ryan: A Bridge Never Too Far [What To Look For In Casino Affiliate]

November 2nd, 2020
Back Saving Player Ryan: A Bridge Never Too Far [What To Look For In Casino Affiliate]

Choosing the right online casino affiliate is no small feat. It often resembles building a proper overpass: The construction matters. Hurdles are aplenty as we strive to span chances with choices. Let's see what major criteria might be.

Bridges are fascinating structures. Designed in different shapes over difficult natural obstacles to provide passage and enable transit, they have been with humans since the Neolithic period, evolving from fallen trunks and stepping stones into monumental, breath-taking constructions.

The world’s largest one is the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, spanning 102.4 miles across the Yangtze River Delta in China.

The shortest one's label narrows down to two, depending on the source — both used internationally.

Some say it is the bridge at Várzea Grande village in the Alentejo region, connecting the Portuguese side and neighboring El Marco in Extremadura, Spain, at 10.4 feet in length, constructed in 2008, funded by the European Union.

Others point out to Zavikon Island Bridge at 32 feet, linking a larger Canadian isle with an American islet in the Saint Lawrence River, straddling two countries’ border. Interestingly, one family owns both islands, which is kind of cute. (“Honey, in which country are we having coffee this morning?”)

Regardless of their size, the constructional uniqueness of bridges is best summed up by Martin Steinküehler, the project manager of the latest, most grandiose overpass in Belgrade, Serbia:

“Each bridge is a prototype.”

At first, the notion might seem counterintuitive. After all, we improve products in time; we work on ourselves, our crafts or, say, playing skills and knowledge, right?

Still, there’s no supplementary working system or a new design to improve any bridge radically.

Every overpass is a one-time engineering feat.

Finally, what makes bridges so captivating is that they don’t always address our physical needs. They can serve spiritual and mythical purposes or human impetus.

Ivo Andric, a Yugoslav novelist and the Nobel Prize in Literature laureate, once wrote:

“Everything in this world is a bridge, even a smile, a sigh, and a look. Everything wants to span, to reach its other side, just as we desire to reason with others.”

As a profound observer of human behavior, Andric was a reclusive person, like Nikola Tesla. However, contrary to the scientist, he was reticent, underlining that whatever he had to say, his writings did it.

Even his speech at the ceremonial banquet after receiving the Nobel Prize in 1961 wasn’t about him: It was about his country. In the closing segment, Andric underscored what storytellers’ main motives should be: Driven by love and by the breadth and serenity of the free human spirit, the narrator is to serve humanity; otherwise, his or her work does not serve anything.

No matter the angle…

Bridges make you wonder about many things, as each one of us looks them differently. But, their significance truly kicks in when you consider them from a gambling perspective.

Handling Supreme Forces

What is each roll we take, each spin we make, if not an enthralling structure designed in various forms over demanding obstacles of chances to provide passage over our expectations and enable transit of our skills?

What is iGaming, if not our smiles, sighs, looks, even tears, and frustrations, as we strive to span the other side of our wherewithal, as we seek to reason with ourselves and our prudent choices?

The size of such a bridge is irrelevant. It depends on bankrolls and prowess in terms of stop-loss and stop-win limitations.

The same goes for type; game preferences propel its blueprint.

Designs include stone arched or simple steel beams, iron cantilevers or diagonal mashes of triangle-shaped posts, tied arches or cable-stayed suspensions — in a fixed, movable, or temporary shape.

Whether we use gambling bridges to facilitate pedestrian, car, truck, or train transport, including water, air, gas, and communication cables — often in multi-decked fashion — the most crucial element is the construction.

The core structure determines how the overpass distributes internal tension, compression, torsion, bending, and swing.

Every bridge needs to handle all those forces unceasingly to sustain projected traffic load and enable longevity.

Sometimes, segments of the structure manage such a demanding setup — e.g., cables of a cable-stayed bridge — while a distinct shape or placement handles outside influences.

Other times, the load is distributed by truss, a framework of struts, posts, and rafters supporting the construction across the bridge’s entire structure.

[Editor’s note: If you proceed like this, you’ll make me envision video poker whenever I drive across DuSable Bridge.]


Regardless of their outlook, gambling bridges are most certainly not prototypes.

Of course, each hand in a table game may appear to be unique. A few genuinely are. But, various supplementary systems and designs may improve players’ performances and the outcome — sometimes even radically, which is the case with the most disciplined patrons.

The System of Bridging Walls

In such an ecosystem, more often than not, affiliates serve the purpose of worldwide overpasses. They offer reliable architectural solutions to punters’ material desires and, in particular, provide support to tension forces.

As the Covid-19 pandemic ravages our world, the iGaming scene witnesses an increase in the affiliates’ cohort. Ensuing lock- and slow-downs drive people in troves online, and many enterprises seek to explore the potentials of creating traffic to iGaming hubs.

The casino affiliate business model is no secret at all: Baseline search on Google gives plenty of SERPs explaining how the whole workflow goes, especially in monetary terms.

Once up and running, an aspiring affiliate’s onus is on appropriate content to entice visitors and proper technology infrastructure to build traffic.


A sensible punter who stands at one side of a canyon — contemplating bridges’ designs to span the other side of his or her material expectations — has more to consider than just a quick stimulant of alluring no deposit bonuses and properly written casino reviews.

Such a player observes potential overpass with the prudence of a talented architect or engineer.


Because, reminiscent of Andric’s bridges, the most reputable affiliates have to nurture love toward easing up the game challenges and hubs’ obstacles, increasing the width of players’ serenity.

These functional attributes stem from dedication to gambling responsibility, premier content, permanent punters’ education, and determination to create a certified fair-play environment through an honest casino reviewing system and unbiased support in mediation cases.

Otherwise, affiliates’ work does not serve anything — other than their glib interests.

Of course, at this point, true conservatives point out that gambling is a vice, a social menace if you will, as they continuously strive to ban it.

The truth is, whether we like it or not, games of luck and skills have been with us before we built the Great Pyramid of Giza and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Thus, to serve people is not to deny reality but to provide them with the best possible, fully-legalized support to thrive in their inclinations, particularly in risky ones.

(Luckily, extracting lessons from myriad prohibition throughout human history, this notion has prevailed among the most progressive gaming markets around the world.)

In other words…

It takes a system to beat the system.

It takes the construction army to build a bridge. It takes supreme forces of gambling knowledge and self-improvement to suppress tension of expectations, recalcitrance, and luck. It takes a juggernaut commitment to sustain a reputable affiliate business.

Bridges Beyond Price

Contrary to belief, a contemporary, prudent punter standing at a canyon’s edge knows this very well. Others who don’t — they learn it the hard way, just as most of us pick up on life lessons.

(Count me in, guilty as sin on that last one.)

Thus, nowadays…

Players choose affiliates with the 19th-century housewife’s thriftiness combined with the most thorough methods to assess bridges.

Everything comes into perspective: Visual inspection of the structure, acoustic and thermal imaging examination to identify delamination and splitting of construction into layers, coring techniques to review corrosion damage, ground-penetration radars to detect voids and cracks.

On their quest for the most appropriate bridge, patrons meet self-proclaimed hacks and bonuses’ ninjas, read marketing statements that would make Coca-Cola or Nike shy, face content which could make promised land a real deal.

They find affiliates who communicate the dollar amounts recovered through their complaint services, and yet again, close cases on their online forums quickly and harshly — in contrast to those that remain open for years because an affiliate refused to leave a player behind.

(Please, don’t take my word on this; go and see for yourself. You might find yourself drawing parallels with our relationships at a certain point in time: Girls and boys don’t care how one represents itself or how successful it claims to be. They care about how one listens, pays attention, shows up, and how present it is.)

Sooner or later, though…

The most persistent pursuer finds its match: A quiet affiliate, one that rarely advertises but diligently works on improvements and issues, day in, day out, one that doesn’t wrestle with a joyful pig to end up dirty.

People in such a company believe in dedication, determination, community belonging. They do things out of conviction, not only for money. The volume of their success measures in death threats’ lengths they go to protect players’ interests while serving as non-biased liaison to online casinos.

(Mediation support, complaint services, and pursuit of rogue casinos are entirely voluntary activities. Affiliates don’t get paid to do so, and the tedious framework is exceptionally restrictive. Then again, nobody said maintaining an important bridge is easy, or cheap for that matter.)

People of such an affiliate show their faces; punters can see a volume of full-time staff. They make hard data and statistics a cornerstone of their enterprise, employ a rigid mathematical approach to output, and push for consistent responsibility of all parties involved, on each side of the canyon, on both sides of the aisle.

When these people promote, they don’t encourage but inform impartially. Their editors have zero tolerance for biased reviews.

Although they sell tickets for a bridge, their values, standards, reputation, and integrity are priceless.

When such affiliates receive punters’ feedback and shout out recognizing their promptness in solving grievances, they take it humbly, knowing too well that they only fulfilled their purpose — nothing more, nothing less.

Erect Vigorously, Preserve Vigilantly

So, yes, the most reliable affiliates serve humanity, building overpasses to provide passage and enable the safest possible transit regardless of the obstacle they have to span.

They are aware that echoes of the Brooklyn Bridge’s benefits reside in memory lanes of those who used it to reach the other side.


That is why bridges are sought-after commodities, wherever built.

Whether you’re a military buff or you like war movies, you did, of course, notice the pattern: There’s always some overpass good guys must seize or blow to pieces to win and attain their objectives.

As a means of communication, supply, and maneuver, viaducts are the ultimate objectives in any campaign.

Even Saving Private Ryan has a one.

Conveniently enough, the level of strategy and tactics games nowadays require — not to mention military approach to intelligence gathering and training — quite often resemble proper planning and execution on par with special forces or, at least, premier shock troops.

Indeed, no matter the perspective…

Bridges are fascinating, iridescent structures, regardless of the type of traffic they enable.

Whether they are real ones or mythical as Chinvat Bridge and spiritual as As-Sirāt, whether they span over smiles and sighs or desires to reason with others, whether they are assets or targets used to advance or egress — bridges are everywhere around us.

When it comes to gambling ones, regardless of length or construction method, each one of us, every player, has to pick those to churn and ones to burn.

While hurdles and juxtapositions are aplenty, the final call is ours, and the choice boils down to simple criteria:

The volume of projected load and longevity always depends on how a bridge distributes internal forces of our expectations, skills, knowledge, and fun when facing tension, torsion, bending, and luck of casino games we play.

(Editor’s note: We dedicate this piece to all LCB employees who, despite the pandemic and ensuing challenges in 2020, go out every day, unfazed and unjaded, to serve the needs of this great community and to bring more value to players, knowing that “[our] achievements do not come down to ‘me’ or ‘team,’ but to ‘us.’”)

“It takes the construction army to build a bridge. It takes supreme forces of gambling knowledge and self-improvement to suppress tension of expectations, recalcitrance, and luck.”

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