Explore the Groundbreaking Spark of Genius Slot by Play'n GO

Back Explore the Groundbreaking Spark of Genius Slot by Play'n GO

Play'n GO, renowned for its extensive slot portfolio, has launched a groundbreaking addition – Spark of Genius. This new slot introduces players to the innovative FuseWays mechanic, promising an electrifying gaming experience unlike any other.

The FuseWays Mechanic Unveiled

At the heart of Spark of Genius lies the revolutionary FuseWays mechanic. Unlike traditional slot mechanics, this innovative mechanic focuses on completing closed circuits to generate wins. Players navigate through an electrified grid, strategically creating connections to unlock thrilling payouts.

Set against the backdrop of the 20th century, Spark of Genius immerses players in a clash of scientific titans – Maynard Woodrow and Tess Jačova. As players spin the reels, they harness the power of Resonant Energy and Manifest Energy, engaging in a battle for dominance over the grid.

In Spark of Genius, the gameplay revolves around creating closed circuits to trigger wins. Each block on the grid features energy-conducting pipes, with paths differentiated by the number of entry and exit points. The goal is to strategically land blocks with multiple paths to maximize circuit connections and win potential.

Unlocking Features with Energy

As players progress, they charge the Energy Charger atop the reels. Two energy flows, Resonate and Manifest, unlock distinct features based on their charge levels. This dynamic mechanic adds depth to the gameplay, offering a strategic element that keeps players engaged.

  • Tess and Maynard introduce players to a range of abilities that enhance the gaming experience:
  • Tess' Gyrota ability strategically rotates symbols, creating new winning combinations.
  • Tess' Dynamo empowers players with control over special symbols, increasing winning opportunities.
  • Tess' Free Energy Spin offers an escalating Win Multiplier with consecutive victories, amplifying rewards.
  • Maynard's Relay ability removes symbols to pave the way for new wins, creating cascading disruptions.
  • Maynard's Overload experiment skyrockets wins and systematically dismantles neighboring symbols.
  • Maynard's Empire Energy Spin unlocks a unique 2x2 connector, potentially granting up to 35 Free Spins with soaring Win Multipliers.

Immersive Gameplay and Visuals

Spark of Genius captivates players with its historical narrative, dynamic gameplay, and visually stunning design. The alternating spins between Tess and Maynard add an element of competition and excitement, driving the narrative forward.

’’ Maynard's Empire Energy Spin boasts a 2x2 connector – potentially securing players up to 35 Free Spins with surging Win Multipliers’’

Spark of Genius by Play'n GO is proof of innovation and creativity in the slot gaming industry. With its groundbreaking FuseWays mechanic, historical narrative, and an array of exciting features, this slot promises an electrifying adventure for players seeking thrilling gameplay and substantial rewards. Step into the world of Spark of Genius and experience the future of grid slot gaming.

Games Ambassador at Play'n GO, Magnus Wallentin said: "We're excited for the fandom to experience the spectacle that is Spark of Genius. This title is a little different, because it uses real-world science to influence the grid slot setup, alongside our signature new mechanic FuseWays which is really cool and something we haven't done before. From the powerful Empire Energy Spin to character-driven abilities, this slot's got lots of dynamic quirks we're sure fans will love.”


''Play’n GO conduct an electrical revolution in Spark of Genius'', playngo.com, May 16, 2024

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