Franco Digital Expands Portfolio with Latest Title, Explore Pick & Shoot!

December 7th, 2023
Back Franco Digital Expands Portfolio with Latest Title, Explore Pick & Shoot!

Prepare for a gaming revolution as R. Franco Digital, Spain's premier iGaming provider, introduces an innovative twist to the traditional casino experience with its groundbreaking casino title – Pick & Shoot.

Strategic Betting Unleashed

Gone are the days of mere chance – Pick & Shoot invites players into a world of strategic decision-making. It all begins with selecting your bet amount, setting the stage for a gameplay experience like no other. The power is in your hands as you navigate through multiplier values ranging from 1x to 77x, each step opening up a new realm of possibilities.

The thrill amplifies as you ascend the multiplier ladder. With increasing values, their appearance on the board becomes a strategic dance. The higher the multiplier, the fewer instances on the board – a captivating dance of risk and reward that adds an exciting gamified layer to your gaming journey.

Immerse yourself on the battlefield as Pick & Shoot challenges you to defeat the enemy with your customized offense. Choose up to 20 areas out of 77 Attack Boxes on the grid, each spot holding the potential for different multiplier amounts. Craft your strategy wisely as you gear up for the ultimate showdown.

Revelation of Riches, Winning Spots, and Multipliers

Once your targets are set, the slot unfolds the value for each selected spot on the board. Your payout is determined by the correct matches, but that's not all; brace yourself for additional icons with multipliers ranging from 1x to 65x, turning your victory into a jackpot extravaganza.

Commenting on the launch, Javier Sacristan Franco, International Business Director of R. Franco Digital, said: "Pick & Shoot immerses players on the battlefield, selecting targeted areas to take out their rivals, utilizing multipliers to show a tangible reward potential. Our latest release marks a significant milestone in our game development, integrating the use of skill-based elements and strategy to provide next-level engagement."


''R Franco Digital Adds Strategy to the Slot Experience with Innovative Release Pick & Shoot'',, December 5, 2023.

“players can then choose from multiplier values ranging from 1x to 77x”

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