Freemarket Enriches its Development Team

August 14th, 2023
Back Freemarket Enriches its Development Team

Freemarket, a prominent fintech platform specializing in regulated B2B cross-border payments and currency exchange for small to medium-sized businesses, has announced the appointment of Lloyd Naicker as the Business Development Director, aligning with the company's rapid and substantial growth.

Naicker possesses over six years of valuable experience in the payments sector, having held diverse business development positions. His background includes collaborating with merchants from the PSP, Forex, and gambling industries, a wealth of experience that he intends to leverage to expand Freemarket's footprint within the global online gambling realm.

Prior to joining Freemarket, Naicker held the role of Business Manager for Fintech at BVNK, and previously served as the Cross-border Payments Team Lead at Coindirect.

More Details on the New Hire

As the Business Development Director at Freemarket, Naicker's primary responsibility will be to drive the company's ambitious plans for the FX vertical, focusing on growing the client base.

Freemarket provides a unified platform for cross-border payments and currency exchange, designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses across a wide range of sectors, including online gambling and gaming.

One of its distinctive features is the access it offers to a global network of banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFI), along with cutting-edge, proprietary technology, all consolidated in a single platform, enabling clients to streamline processes, simplify complexity, and achieve significant efficiency gains.

Integration for small to medium-sized businesses is remarkably user-friendly. The platform can be accessed through an API or web portal, supported by top-tier infrastructure and computing services to ensure security and resilience at all times.

What Was Stated

Richard Harrison, the Vice President of Sales at Freemarket, expressed excitement about Lloyd's addition to the Freemarket team, highlighting his exceptional knowledge and experience, which will be instrumental in driving the business forward. Harrison emphasized Naicker's unparalleled grasp of the FX landscape and his extensive network, predicting a significant and positive impact on Freemarket.

Lloyd Naicker, Business Development Director at Freemarket, expressed his opinion:

 “I’m super excited to join the Freemarket family and to contribute to the continued growth and success of the company.

“There are so many opportunities for us to explore to make banking and payments services available to FX merchants as well as expanding our platform’s capability to meet changing client needs in all sectors including online gambling.

“I’m looking forward to helping Freemarket explore these opportunities and to make more businesses aware of our powerful platform and leading product and service offering.”


“Freemarket adds more top talent to Business Development Team”,, August 8, 2023.

“valuable experience”

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