GAMOMAT Awarded Company of the Year at 2024 Women in Gaming Diversity Awards

Back GAMOMAT Awarded Company of the Year at 2024 Women in Gaming Diversity Awards

GAMOMAT, a prominent software provider of amazing online casino games, has been distinguished with the prestigious Company of the Year award at the 2024 Women in Gaming Diversity Awards. This notable recognition shows GAMOMAT's extensive efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity within the workplace, reaffirming its loyalty to equality across gender, race, and sexual orientation.

Commitment to Equality

The Company of the Year awawaard was fiercely contested, with numerous companies vying for the honor. These organizations were evaluated based on their long-term allegiance to fostering an inclusive environment. The judging panel praised GAMOMAT for its significant strides in creating a workplace where all employees feel valued and included. This award highlights the company's robust and comprehensive approach to promoting diversity and equality.

Chosen in multiple categories and ultimately winning the Company of the Year award is proof of GAMOMAT's leading role in the industry. This accolade follows individual recognitions from previous years, and shows the company's consistent adherence to diversity. In 2023, Dr. Alexandra Krone, the Managing Director of GAMOMAT, was honored as Leader of the Year (Supplier) for her exceptional leadership and faithfulness to fostering an inclusive culture. Additionally, in 2022, Sabine Müller, Chief Design Officer, received the Industry Pride of the Year award, further highlighting the company's achievements in promoting diversity.

The Women in Gaming Diversity Awards ceremony took place at the elegant Savoy Hotel in London. This event celebrates both individuals and organizations that have shown outstanding dedication to advancing equality, diversity, and inclusion within the gaming industry. It provides a platform to recognize the efforts of those who are actively making a difference in creating more inclusive work environments.

GAMOMAT's Diversity Initiatives

GAMOMAT's recognition at the Women in Gaming Diversity Awards highlights the company's ongoing adherence to diversity. This commitment is evident in the company's various initiatives and policies designed to ensure an inclusive work environment. GAMOMAT strives to go beyond industry norms, setting a high standard for diversity and inclusion practices.

By receiving the Company of the Year award, GAMOMAT has shown its desire to support diversity in all forms. This recognition not only celebrates the company's past achievements but also reinforces its future ones.

GAMOMAT's achievements in promoting variety extend beyond individual awards. The organization's holistic approach to creating an inclusive workplace serves as an example for the entire industry. By prioritizing diversity and equality, GAMOMAT is helping to shape a more inclusive future for the gaming sector.

The honor of Dr. Alexandra Krone and Sabine Müller in previous years further solidifies GAMOMAT's reputation as a leader in promoting diversity. These individual awards reflect the company's broader devotion to fostering an environment where all employees can thrive, regardless of their background.

GAMOMAT's accolade as Company of the Year at the 2024 Women in Gaming Diversity Awards marks a significant achievement.

The Women in Gaming Diversity Awards at the Savoy Hotel provided a fitting backdrop to celebrate these accomplishments. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, GAMOMAT's commitment to diversity and inclusion sets a powerful example for others to follow. This recognition reaffirms that GAMOMAT is not only a leader in slot game software development but also in creating a workplace where diversity and inclusion are integral to its success.

Dr Alexandra Krone, Managing Director at GAMOMAT Development GmbH, commented: "Diversity is a philosophy that GAMOMAT is deeply passionate about, so winning Company of the Year at the Women in Gaming Diversity Awards is a massive moment for the team. We work tirelessly to promote a workplace that celebrates equality across gender, race, and sexual orientation.”


''GAMOMAT named Company of the Year at the esteemed Women in Gaming Diversity Awards''. Press Release. June 11, 2024.

“The Women in Gaming Diversity Awards were held at the spectacular Savoy Hotel in London to acknowledge individuals and organisations for outstanding commitment to enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion.”

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