Gunslingers, Get Your Revolvers Ready!

March 31st, 2023
Back Gunslingers, Get Your Revolvers Ready!

Kalamba Takes out Revolvers for a Wild West Zombie Shootout Duel of the Dead

There is a new epic showdown in the Wild West as zombies make way to The American Frontier this March.

Kalamba Games is back with a big future hit, named Duel of the Dead, and it features Megaways, Zombies Go Wild, Duel, and Buy Bonus.

A Shootout Not to be Missed

After 9 Blazing Cashpots and Joker Leprechauns earlier this year, Duel of the Dead is likely the most exciting slot you’ll play in March.

Kalamba Games is back to making crafty Western slots, only this story centers around gunfighters and freakers, who roam freely and challenge the sheriff to a duel every now and then.

Much like its earlier releases with Megaways, the latest title from March is also filled with dynamic reels that add to the excitement with more chances for a bigger winning potential.

According to Kalamba Games, the game is using a blend of brand new and classic features, so let’s take a quick look at some of them:

  1. Zombies Go Wild: If the sheriff lands on reel 1 the feature will start by revealing a nest of zombies on reels 2 through 5. Then, the sheriff will shoot at them, and if she hits anything, the wins will be added to the Multiplier Wilds at the end. If she hits them more than once, the multiplier will increase. Players can make great wins during this level if they manage to chase a row of multipliers, so keep an eye out on the undead!
  1. Duel: If you get to the jail, you will meet DeadEye Bob on reel 6. The duel will start if he escapes, and any hits that Bob takes can spread to up to 3 multipliers amongst the zombies for an immense win potential. If DeadEye Bob hits the Sheriff, the duel will end, forcing DeadEye Bob to return to jail. However, this turn of events can also provide a massive instant prize if the wild makes a combo!
  1. Complimentary Spins: If three bonus symbols appear in any position on the same spin, you will kickstart the honorary spins. During this stage, the sheriff collects bullets in the indicator at the top and uses them when the feature retriggers to collect more wilds for more wins.
  1. Buy Bonus: If you’re in a jurisdiction where the bonus buy feature is allowed, you will be able to enter any of the three options for some cash. There is one with guaranteed Zombies Go Wild and Duel on the first spin, as well as one with Zombies Go Wild alone, but you can also try your luck with a chance at either.

Bushido Princess Coming up Next

The company’s next major release with BTG’s revolutionary slot mechanic Megaways is coming in June.

As announced, Kalamba Games is expanding the portfolio with another great story from the Far East, called Bushido Princess.

This slot will also be filled with a set of features and detailed design, so make sure to subscribe and learn more about the game before it comes out!


Megaways™ Duel of the Dead out now!,, March 22nd, 2023.

“the latest title from March is also filled with dynamic reels”

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