1spin4win Hits the Ground Running in 2024

February 13th, 2024
Back 1spin4win Hits the Ground Running in 2024

Holding true to its commitment to consistent releases of new iGaming content, 1spin4win celebrates the launch of its 100th online slot game, Golden Joker 100 Hold and Win. The young company was founded in 2021 and already built an impressive portfolio. To learn more about this growing studio, we interviewed Olga Bogdanova, Art Director at 1spin4win. Read more for what’s in store for the rest of the year!

Q: We know there are years of experience behind the founders. Please share the story of the company and its mission.

A: Our mission and primary goal for 1spin4win’s team is to create games for players. Part of the team is connected with the gambling industry for quite a long time, so we value our advantage and try to produce products with good gaming qualities. The company's history can be described as the journey of a traveler who encounters like-minded fellow travelers along the way, and together they continue moving forward.

Q: Classics seem to be a theme in terms of concept and development. Is it the tried-and-true aspect that inspires you?

A: Classics is a key theme in our game development. We focus on moderation, restraint, conciseness, and the balance of various game components, including the thematic direction of slots. We rely on many years of experience and the analysis of the gaming heritage of the industry, enabling us to create quality games for our fans. The growing number of them indicates that we are on the right track, and this success greatly inspires 1spin4win’s team.

Q: As a fairly young studio, you’ve just launched the 100th slot game in the portfolio, Golden Joker 100 Hold and Win. Tell us more about the release and how the team is celebrating this milestone.

A: We are at the very beginning of our journey, and the 100th slot for us does not mean to take it easy. The quantity of slots represents a strategic move for us, showcasing our great potential. However, our true potential lies in our team members, each contributing to 1spin4win’s success.

Golden Joker 100 Hold and Win is a serial slot featuring pleasant classic graphics and an exciting mechanic. The search for our own depiction of the Joker took some time, as there are many games with this popular character in the world. Still, we successfully managed to find our unique interpretation.

Q: To amass such a collection of games, how frequently do you introduce slots? Is there a general quota you aim to meet?

A: We adhere to our plan of releasing slots every month, with a minimum of two new releases. This strategy enables us to consistently expand the number of games in 1spin4win’s portfolio, bringing joy to players and clients with regular new additions.

Q: January 2024 is proving to be quite successful for the company. A recent partnership with MOSTBET, an online betting platform, will allow your games to reach a larger market. Dish the details on this exciting collaboration and what it means for 1spin4win.

A: Collaborating with major partners like MOSTBET is always a significant step for 1spin4win. We are thrilled that our games will reach a broader audience in different countries around the globe, and we are highly impressed by the opportunity to attract new players to our products in such a competitive environment.

Our slots, known for their simplicity, clarity, classic graphics, and unique mechanics, stand out as attractive and user-friendly for everyone. This partnership not only signifies a successful January 2024 for us but also marks a milestone in expanding our market presence and welcoming new players into 1spin4win’s slots.

Q: LCB is thrilled to watch your growth and success. What’s next for you as the year rolls on?

A: Our approach moving forward is to stay true to ourselves, believe in our products, and maintain confidence in the correctness of our strategy. As the year has already begun, we are actively implementing the release of new, more exciting games and refining internal processes to become even better, more experienced, and competitive. With our cohesive and small team, we are attuned to new market trends and responsive to the feedback and needs of our clients. We aim to react promptly to all requests, demonstrating that 1spin4win is a responsible and attentive provider worthy of trust.

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