BGaming Exclusive Interview: Aztec Clusters Collab with Casinolytics

February 22nd, 2024
Back BGaming Exclusive Interview: Aztec Clusters Collab with Casinolytics

In partnership with Casinolytics, BGaming launches high volatility online game, Aztec Clusters. Extensive research was collected to create a hit slot among streamers and casual casino players alike. Packed with features such as Bonus Buy, sticky wilds and multipliers, the new release rose to the top 5 most streamed slots within 2 weeks of the launch. We’d also like to mention that BGaming’s Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways won the 2023 LCB Award in the ‘Spin me Round’ category. Learn more about the provider as we discuss the new game and the future of AI in the iGaming space.

Q: It was a pleasure for our team to meet you at ICE London 2024. We’d like to congratulate you again for winning the 2023 LCB Award in the ‘Spin me Round’ category for Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways! What do you think contributed to the online slot’s savage rise to the top?

Yeah, winning this award is a source of pride for our team, and It’s incredible to see BGaming’s efforts recognized. Our goal was to craft a slot that truly captivates, and I think we nailed it with Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways™. This game engages players not only with its Megaways™ mechanics but also with the majestic beauty of wildlife. To my mind, such a winning combination of well-developed graphics on the one hand and rewarding features like the extra reel, double Wild, and free spins on the other helped BGaming secure the 2023 LCB Awards in the ‘Spin me Round’ category.

Q: The newly launched Aztec Clusters is the product of thousands of hours of data research by Casinolytics. Please tell us about your collaboration with the company and the 8x6 game result.

Honestly, talking about Aztec Clusters gives me special pleasure. While BGaming and Casinolytics teamed up for our streaming analytics before, this time marks our first shot at a data-driven game together. This alliance is a perfect match – our team excels in game development, and Casinolytics team has a deep understanding of streamers, their needs, and preferences. You saw the result – an impressive game, which, I must add, entered the top-5 most streamed slots just two weeks after its release.

Let me dive a bit into Aztec Clusters. It's an 8x6 cluster-pay slot with refilling reels that provide freedom of play – whether it's regular spins, Wild Spins, or flexible Buy Bonus options with Sticky Wilds. Plus, there are four random features and Cell Multipliers after any win, so hitting the max win can happen anytime. This mix of features is precisely what both players and streamers like.

Q: Casinolytics’ AI platform is a powerful tool. What are your thoughts on AI in the iGaming industry and its rise in general?

The rise of AI affects the whole iGaming industry, revolutionizing how we create games. For BGaming, AI significantly influences our approach to game development optimization and many other processes, allowing us to experiment with game design more quickly, create hypotheses, and prepare user tests. Furthermore, AI-powered Casynolytics enables BGaming to explore, monitor, and understand the live-streaming landscape in casino games. This knowledge transformed our perception of slots, making them more developed, marketed, and experienced.

I’m sure AI will continue to evolve, and its impact on the industry will only intensify, driving innovation and shaping the future of gaming.

Q: Cluster games are all the rage in the iGaming industry, and Aztec Clusters is classified as “high volatility.” How do you describe the concept of volatility for players who associate such games with periods of dead spins or consider them too high-risk?

According to Casinolytics data, the most successful games for the past 3 years have been high-volatile, so players today seek this type of experience. While Aztec Clusters may involve periods of anticipation between wins and pose high risks, the excitement of landing a big cluster, random features, numerous multipliers, and even hitting the max win in the base game make the slot thrilling for players. Besides, they can choose how to play with different gameplay options, including Wild Spins, which turn the game into extremely volatile. 

Q: Aztec Clusters is the ultimate in features, including Bonus Buy, multipliers, Dig-up feature, and more. Was it challenging to develop a game with so many bells and whistles?

Well, BGaming treats every game as an intriguing challenge. Yes, it’s quite an extensive and complicated process, so it can’t go smoothly. But I can’t say that it was tough to integrate all these features into Aztec Clusters since we have a lot of titles with rich gameplay in our portfolio.

Aztec Clusters’ Cell Multipliers, Free Spins, Wild Spins, Buy Bonus, and Sticky Wilds contribute to one well-balanced and catchy experience that makes players remember the game. These features are like tools that players can elaborate on to pursue their playing strategy, while Dig-up features randomly fuel the anticipation of a rewarding game session.

Q: Its appeal to streamers was a major aspect in creating Aztec Clusters. Why is the focus on steamed gameplay, and how valuable is this in terms of increasing player interest?

What BGaming appreciates most in our collaboration with Casinolytics is the opportunity to learn more about our users and dive into their preferences. The more we know about players, the better our team can create content. By exploring streamers’ behavior patterns, BGaming can craft a slot that captures the desired emotions from the first spin and provides a sense of satisfaction with the game. I am pretty sure Aztec Clusters is that game.

For several years, BGaming has executed the player-driven approach, meaning we pay much attention to our players' needs. Last year, our team started conducting game tests with real users at the development stage to gain true feedback from players and streamers and bring our games to perfection.

With the abilities of Casinolytics, we go even further, studying the casino streaming data. Thanks to that, we could create Aztec Clusters, a slot driven by streamers and loved by players.

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