Daniel Lindberg, CEO of Quickspin, Gives LCB an Exclusive Interview

November 23rd, 2016
Back Daniel Lindberg, CEO of Quickspin, Gives LCB an Exclusive Interview

Quickspin has gone from the social gaming sector to real money casinos in a flash. For many of us, we were sold after playing just one of their creative slots. Have you ever wondered what’s involved in developing their amazing games or if the big boss has a top pick? Well, LCB to the rescue with all the answers to those questions and more in this exclusive interview. A massive thank you to Quickspin CEO, Daniel Lindberg for allowing us to give our members a peek inside the company’s world.

Without further ado, Mr. Lindberg.

1. How did Quickspin enter the real money gambling market?

We initially launched our games on Mirrorball Slots (Plumbee). They quickly became very popular which gave us a great deal of encouragement. It also established proof of concept that our game design strategy and execution was right. It was a natural extension to move from free to play to real money gaming after that and, as all three founders of Quickspin came from both a B2C and B2B background in RMG, we were very confident the games could make the transition.

2. Social apps always seem to have the coolest designs, best bonuses and highest payouts leaving players wondering why the real money gambling industry doesn’t put out more games like them. Having started in the free play arena, Quickspin seems to have got the memo. You must be true slot lovers, so do you think your passion is responsible for the success of titles like ‘Goldilocks and the Wild Bears’ going from free to real money?

I would certainly like to think so! Quickspin was founded out of a genuine passion for slots and a desire to create the types of games that we like to play ourselves. It might sound like a bit of a cliché to people who don’t know us, but we genuinely get up every day and try to create the best slot ever made. It’s very simple philosophy, but we’ve never deviated from it. Playing slots, and talking about slots, both our own and our competitors, is a big part of our everyday work. With regards free to play and real money gaming, we actually don’t draw a distinction in how we execute each game. We believe that a good slot will always be a good slot, regardless of whether the game play is driven by a desire to win money or simply be entertained, or the other types of rewards that you see in the F2P space.

3. Your slots have the potential to pay very well whether based on the general pay table or multipliers built into the bonus features, do you think this is a major reason for their popularity?

I think every game is different and has to be assessed on its own merits. They are all designed with different players in mind and to create different experiences for those players. All game features need to be relevant for that player and consequently, the paytable needs to be constructed in a way, making it relevant, interesting, and exciting for the player. Ultimately, players are looking to be entertained and need variety so slots suppliers need to have a wide variety of content.

4. Do you have a personal favorite slot?

I tend to play games with a lower volatility which give you a good run for your money, so Crystal Queen is probably my overall favorite out of the games in our portfolio. When I feel luck is on my side, I tend to move to games like Second Strike, which has got beautiful, crisp graphics and animations. More importantly, its simple gameplay is that little bit more volatile and gives some really nice wins as a result. But watch this space – there are plenty more games on the way, with lots of different themes and math’s models to suit a wide variety of players.

5. Math is a critical part of slot development, so how long does it take to test all the elements of a new game?

Every game is different of course and sometimes you get it right early on. Sometimes it talks a bit more work. For my favorite game, Crystal Game, we tried over 50 math’s models before we felt we had nailed it. I think that demonstrates how much work goes into game development. Graphics and sounds are obviously very important, but what keeps players coming back each time is how enjoyable the game is to play. Maths and mechanics are so core in every game that we produce, therefore, so unless we get it right in a prototype stage, we don’t move the game to production. We’ve left several on the drawing board as there’s no point putting out a substandard product.

6. Are there any plans to dabble in the development of other games besides slots?

We love slots and we love creating them. We love other casino games too, but for the time being, we’ll continue to do what we do best. After all, the best slot is yet to be created – and the quest for the Holy Grail continues!

7. How did the acquisition deal with Playtech come about and what did it mean for the company? What can you say to fans that have concerns?

We’re still operating under the Quickspin brand and run as a stand-alone entity. Our strategy and philosophy in game design and creation all remain the same. For any company having the ambition to become a leader in its field, not to mention our increasingly complex and competitive market, you need scale and resources. This is what Playtech contribute to Quickspin, among many other things. We get to distribute our content to operators and in markets that we haven’t been able to do before. I believe their strength in being a big company coupled with our agile focus on game creation is an excellent mix for both parties.

8. What’s next for the company?

Onwards and upwards! We’ll be releasing some really great games in the next 12 months, increasing production to make sure we release a close to a new game every single month and meet demand from operators and players. With Playtech’s help, we will enter some regulated markets next year which will be new to us. Moreover, we have devised some innovative stuff around promotions and gamification, continuing to build on our learnings and success from the free to play environment. Watch this space and make sure to visit our booth at ICE in February!

“We genuinely get up every day and try to create the best slot ever made.”

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