Exclusive Interview with Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO of Stakelogic, a Casino Software Provider

May 29th, 2019
Back Exclusive Interview with Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO of Stakelogic, a Casino Software Provider

A shroud of mystery surrounded the launch of Stakelogic’s early slot games. Several were familiar titles from a defunct provider known as Sheriff Gaming. Upon further investigation, LCB quickly learned the history of the young company and how it came to acquire these games. Under the umbrella of a reputable company such as Novomatic, a portion of Sheriff’s portfolio would move forward on a trustworthy path. Learn more about Stakelogic and its products in this exclusive chat with its CEO, Stephan van den Oetelaar.

Q: We first saw games from slots coming from Stakelogic in 2016. What’s the history behind the company and its relationship to Novomatic?

A: Stakelogic BV was founded in 2014 by Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH, which is part of Novomatic AG, with the aim to develop high-end online casino games. In August 2018 Stakelogic was acquired by the Dutch privately owned investment company Triple Bells BV.

In its 5-year existence, Stakelogic has created a portfolio of on-line casino games that excel in wagering and player retention. Stakelogic games reside at the top of some of the biggest on-line casinos in Europe.

Q: How did you come to acquire the games Sheriff Gaming?

A: At the time of the incorporation Stakelogic in 2014, all games of Sheriff Gaming where acquired. Triple Bells bought Stakelogic in August 2018 including all IPR.

Q: Talk to us about the Slots 360° technology – how it works and the intended player experience.

A: Stakelogic applied 360° technology in its ‘Spartus’ game. The game ‘pulls’ the player into the game scene and provides an entire new experience. Without any doubt, the technical possibilities of the on-line gaming industry will evolve enormously over the coming years. Spartus is an example of this.

Q: In terms of mobile gambling, what does your MOBi platform bring to the table?

A: The sub-brand MOBi was used in the early stages of the application of mobile devices. Today we no longer use this sub-brand, as gaming on mobile devices has become common practise in the industry.

Q: Are your products licensed?

A: Yes.

Q: From a provider’s perspective, do the evolving iGaming regulations affect you?

A: The clients of Stakelogic are online casinos. Regulation will enable our clients to offer our games in more jurisdictions. Therefore, Stakelogic welcomes regulation as it contributes to the growth of our business.

Q: What treasures does 2019 hold for the company? New game releases, products or partnerships?

A: In 2019 Stakelogic will expand into new markets, as the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Rumania. At the same time, the number of online casino’s offering Stakelogic games will continue to grow.

From the game development side, Stakelogic will continue to live up to its reputation, by creating ‘local games’ for all of the above mentioned new markets.

An example of this is the partnership with Reflex Gaming as announced on ICE 2019. The unique partnership between Stakelogic and Reflex Gaming will result in a series of spectacular games for the UK market. Stakelogic has already created on line versions of famous titles as ´Lucky Gems´ and ´Wild Moon´, whereby Stakelogic again proved its innovative leadership by creating Quattro versions of the games.

The Stakelogic Quattro games enable players to choose to play 1, 2, 3 or 4 instances of the same game at the same time. As all instances of the game are perceived as separate games by the casino, the maximum stake per spin counts per instance of the game.

The quattro functionality will lead to higher wagering for the casino, as players can decide to play several games simultaneously, multiplying the stake per spin. It resembles the experience of playing several slot machines at the same time in an arcade.

To further resemble the arcade experience, Stakelogic enriches its games with (pooled) jackpots and gamble features.

“Without any doubt, the technical possibilities of the on-line gaming industry will evolve enormously over the coming years.”

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