Fortune Factory Studios: Offering Product with Personality

January 5th, 2023
Back Fortune Factory Studios: Offering Product with Personality

With a background in land-based games and online slot development, Fortune Factory Studios offers unmatched creativity. Each of the slots seamlessly tells a story through theme, character development, and mechanics. We chatted to Anthony Giannini, Fortune Factory Studios' Tech Design Lead, to learn more about the “personality” conveyed during gameplay. Read on as we cover numerous topics including the latest release of Gold Blitz™.

Q1: The company has a great tagline - “Product with Personality”. Please start with some background about Fortune Factory Studios and how personality is expressed through product design.

A: Fortune Factory Studios was founded by a core of seasoned game developers with a long history of successful titles in both the traditional video game industry as well as land-based slot gaming. We always try to tell a story in our games by merging exciting and intuitive gambling mechanics with appealing characters, engaging themes, and purpose-designed orchestration. This narrative helps to create a fun, whimsical and exciting gaming experience. We believe that this is what sets us apart from other studios and where the “personality” comes out in the games we produce.

Q2: Tell us about some of your most popular gambling mechanics and your approach to designing slots.

A: We always aim to create entertaining gameplay experiences that are compelling and resonate with players. Some of our most popular mechanics marry a variety of gambling chases with frequent presentation events to keep players invested in the journey. Because mobile gaming is such a fast-evolving business, we always keep a close eye on the latest industry trends and the types of games, themes, and mechanics that players are gravitating toward. Some of our most popular mechanics focus on ‘instant win’ cash and jackpot collection along with increasing ways to win. 

Q3: With years of experience in the land-based industry, are there notable differences in game development for the iGaming market?

A: I think there are quite a few differences between land-based and the iGaming market. With land-based development, games have more real estate to display advertising and additional gameplay chases, usually on a single footprint. Mobile development is certainly more challenging in that we must design our titles for an enormous variety of devices, platforms, and screen sizes. We also localise our titles to 36 languages! A huge advantage in iGaming is our potential market reach across the globe; with new markets opening up all the time, it’s an exciting time to be developing online slot content!

Q4: How do you balance the appeal of both casual gamblers and high stakes players across your games?

A: I think we rely on years of experience in the traditional gaming market to balance compelling gambling-focused math models with exciting and fun visuals that will entertain more casual players. Offering players regular frequency and a variety of game events is important to keeping them engaged end entertained.

Q5: The latest addition to the portfolio is the Gold Blitz™ online slot game. Let’s talk about the theme and features.

A: For Gold Blitz™, we turned it up to 11 by creating a supercharged, high energy game experience that builds on the success of Mask of Amun™. The art style leverages classic casino symbology but with an electrifying art style and a golden touch of bling! The game offers a ton of features including:

  1. Direct cash and jackpot collection on the reels with player-favourite stacked high pay symbol chase
  2. Three level static jackpots up to 2500x
  3. Player choice between two features: The Gold Blitz™ feature with guaranteed cash collection on every spin, and a free spins feature with frequent retriggers and wild multipliers up to 5x
  4. Bonus Buy that, where permitted, allows players to activate the Bonus Choice immediately for a fixed cost

Q6: What’s next for the company? Is there anything we should be on the lookout for?

A: I don't want to give too much away, but we are always working on creating new and exciting cutting-edge products with personality. You’ll find out a lot more about what else we have planned as the year goes on!

Q7: Wrapping things up, please feel free to share any details you’d like players or the industry to know about the company.

A: We are always looking to push ourselves and be better than our last product. Through that constant push and innovation, we not only hope to exceed our own expectations but the expectations of the online gambling community as well. You can keep up to date on the latest content from Fortune Factory Studios by following us online.

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