From Land-Based/Retail to iGaming: New Beginnings for NetGame Entertainment

November 20th, 2019
Back From Land-Based/Retail to iGaming: New Beginnings for NetGame Entertainment

Before settling into the NetGame Entertainment brand, the company’s early beginnings go back to the land-based and retail gambling sectors. We discuss the history with Andrey Vajdyuk - Head of Business Development. In terms of games, players can look out for the launch of MMA Legends and Wild Lanterns coming up before the end of 2019. These guys are heading for additional regulated markets and intend to boast of 30 games before the new year. Get the full scoop in the exclusive interview.

Q: Based in Ukraine, tell us how the company was founded.

A: Having started with a group of three enthusiasts from landbased and retail gaming in 2012, we`ve accumulated experience and built a highly-motivated team to make a transition to online, establishing a new brand - NetGame Entertainment.  During the last 2 years, we devoted yourself working on the HTML5 platform which went live on June 2019 with 30 games in the portfolio, planned to be released till the end of 2019.

Q: As a new game development company, are there any standout features incorporated into your slots?

A: I would better answer this question shorter, but with more essence.

To be competitive, NetGame Entertainment follows the evolving igaming market trends, adopting them into our slots. All the NetGame`s slots are created using the original mathematical models and unique bonus mechanics, exciting art and brick and mortar casino themes that immerse players into the real casino atmosphere.

Another of NetGame`s standout feature is a Mystery Progressive Jackpot tool. All slots are linked to single or multiple operator websites and participation is built on players' contributions.  The Jackpot offers four different progressive levels – Red, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, where the Red reward is the least and Diamond is the highest.

There are only a couple of examples. But to be competitive, we pursue the tactic of creating outstanding products, investing in player's love, not just simple promotions.

Q: You intend to have a total of 30 games in the portfolio by the end of the year. How have you managed to build such a selection of slots within a few months?

A: We have been building the HTML5 platform since 2017. During that time our team experienced falls and rises, but anyway, the design team prepared an abundance of game art that is scheduled for release at the nearest time. Having more than 7 years of expertise in a land-based sector we ported our best games to the online, forming a solid portfolio (with 30 games for 2019) at the beginning.

Q: Can you tell us about some of the future game releases?

A: I can share with you some of our future game releases plans.

MMA Legends is the game, currently anticipated in the development pipeline and planned to be released on November 2019.   This game is special by its Bet on Game Feature.  The mechanics is the next: player bets on 1 of 4 selected symbols and on a chosen number of spins (10, 20 or 60). If the bet gambled - player rewards with a win multiplier per bet. If not - lost the bet. 

The next game is Wild Lanterns that is planned to be released in December 2019 and is interesting by its Flying Wilds feature. Lanterns symbol flies over the reel in the basic and Free Spins mode and replace regular symbols into Wilds. We call this feature Lanterns Boost.

Q: In your opinion, what makes your games appealing to both young and experienced gamblers?

A: Being a game provider, oriented in different playing preferences, NetGame team experiments with different core bonus game mechanics involving fun players, as well as producing high-volatile slots that emulate a real casino atmosphere for the experienced gamblers. The player will never have a feeling he constantly playing the same slot with just different titles and game symbols!

Q: The current Curacao license allows you to target certain regions, but not highly regulated markets such as France, Netherlands, US and UK. Do you have plans to obtain additional licensing?

A: Yes, we intend to launch at .com market to get more feedback from operators and players and then move to regulated markets licensing.

Q: Wrapping up, what’s next for NetGame Entertainment and the plan moving forward?A: What concerns us about NetGame company’s plan moving forward, I can answer this way:  we've built up a team and accumulated experience. We've crafted an impressive library of 24 games and a good few are still in the pipeline (we expected 30 games live till the end of 2019). We've started marketing and promotion via game shows and games integration process with operators. We've only oriented on the .com - markets (Asia, Latam, CIS, and Arab/Turkey), but we're working on growing our brand on a worldwide scale.

And very soon our brand and products will become known on the market. This is our plan :)


“But to be competitive, we pursue the tactic of creating outstanding products, investing in player's love, not just simple promotions.”

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