Interview with Felix Gaming: Creating Player Inspired Casino Gaming Experiences (via Slot Games) Since 2017

September 11th, 2019
Back Interview with Felix Gaming: Creating Player Inspired Casino Gaming Experiences (via Slot Games) Since 2017

Games inspired by players for players – that’s what Felix Gaming is all about. The young company (around since 2017) places the focus on slot games with a variety of unique features, which combine bonus promos into the RTP. Each of these custom options are discussed in this interview including an all new creation debuted on the Monaco Fever slot game in September 2019. What impressed us most about this developer, is the team’s desire to please players. They even encourage you to reach out and provide feedback and share your stories. It’s not every day we encounter a provider so dedicated to our needs and wants. Check out the interview with CEO Bilyan Balinov and feel free to leave your comments below.

Q: Please give LCB’ers an intro to Felix Gaming and the history behind the company.

A: Felix Gaming was established in 2017 with the sole mission of delivering a truly unique and player-driven casino gaming experience. The Felix team is made up of designers, mathematicians and programmers with more than 15 years of experience in the casino gaming industry. Our specialists have previously developed some of the most successful land-based casino games and our aim is to deliver that level of quality in the online arena.

What really drives us, though, is the realisation that today’s online gaming industry is saturated with the same old messages: big bonuses, best online casino, top slots, etc. These buzzwords have become stale and meaningless, with players seeing right through them and struggling to find unique and genuinely interesting and entertaining games to play, so they actually feel appreciated and listened to. That’s where Felix comes in. We spend a lot of time listening to what players really want from their casino gaming experience, then we go on to develop games that fulfill those player desires. Our games are player-inspired and unique - they’re not rehashed versions of the same basic design, which is what you see a lot of these days.

Q: You place an emphasis on what players want. How do you survey the desires of slots players and how has this been incorporated into your slots?

A: Our extensive knowledge of slots players’ desires comes from our background in land-based casinos, where we had the opportunity to talk to the players directly and discuss their preferences, feedback and requests. Even though we now publish games online, we still take the same approach to player feedback, targeting specific groups we feel connected to. Having a partner like AleaPlay gives us an edge by allowing us to harness the power of BI and big data to pinpoint players by their preferences. We can also track how players respond to new releases. Since we’re slots lovers ourselves, we associate more with the players. We don’t feel like we’re surveying players, we just play together.

Q: How many games are currently in the portfolio and are there any new releases coming up?

A: We currently have 12 slots in our portfolio, with another 4 planned for release by the end of the year. We’ve streamlined our development process to release at least 6 new slots games per year, each of which have their own unique mathematics and features. That may not seem like much compared to some of our larger competitors, but when you consider that each of our slots is developed individually, and in direct response to player feedback, it becomes apparent why our portfolio is a little more compact. Not to mention the fact that we’ve only been around since 2017! We also don’t clone our slots and just give them new graphics, like many others in the industry do. Our portfolio is set to grow over the next couple of years and we’re excited to be pioneering a truly player-driven solution.

Q: Are there any game features that are unique to your video slots?

A: Yes, in the past year we’ve developed some of the most innovative features and bonuses in the industry. Felix has pioneered the development of bonus promotions integrated into the RTP of the game. Here are some examples:

HelloWin Booster: a unique feature that issues 110% on all wins and a bonus every 100th spin. This feature was incorporated into our IT’s a Joker slot game for a promotion last Halloween, which resulted in the game being one of the top 3 played games for more than 4 months on popular sites like SlotsMillion and SlottyVegas.

Go Green: another industry first feature, this one gives players free spins, but with an average bet value. This was a mathematically complex feature to develop, all credit to our specialists! It starred in our slot Mr Luck for our St Patrick’s Day promotion and was the first of its kind.

HyperJump: this neat trick fulfills a big player desire to skip no-win spins and jump straight to the game’s features. In just 3 simple steps players can activate HyperJump, which speeds the game through boring no-win spins, claims any wins and jumps straight to the game’s features whenever they’re triggered - no more reel-watching! This is another first for the industry and was released on our game Juicy Wilds.

We’ve also got a brand new promotion feature called Need For Spins - Hot Pursuit lined up for release in September that will be incorporated into our slot Monaco Fever and give players the chance to race for 100,000 free spins - but with a difference! You’ll have to wait for the release to find out more!

Q: Do you intend to venture outside the realm of slot development?

A: For the time being we intend to stay true to our mission of delivering a unique and player-driven casino gaming experience, focusing on developing the games and features that are in great demand but short (or zero!) supply. Yes, there are thousands of slots out there, yet players are not satisfied because they are still not being heard. That’s what motivates us to listen to them and give them what they want.

Q: What’s next for the company?

A: In addition to continuing our work on unique and player-driven slots development, we’re also working hard to obtain our MGA Supplier Licence, which will allow us to resell our games to various brands, and we expect to complete that within a few months. A new innovative jackpot system is also in the pipeline, which will no doubt be a big shaker for the industry.

Q: In closing, is there anything else you’d like us to know about Felix Gaming and the products?

A: Felix Gaming is for the players. We want players to feel like they can send us their feedback, stories, wants and desires to help shape the future of online casino gaming. This is their chance to be part of the process - finally! - and we encourage them to take advantage by getting in touch.

“We spend a lot of time listening to what players really want from their casino gaming experience, then we go on to develop games that fulfill those player desires.”

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